Free Fire Semi Support Role, Flexible and Very Important in FF!

In playing teamwork-based games like the Free Fire squad, of course you have to be able to organize and divide tasks into one team. Of course, the tasks that you will share can vary and most importantly in the form of a team role. There are various kinds of roles that you can learn and define. Whether it’s from general FPS games or battle royale games like Free Fire. This time there is a Semi Support Free Fire Role which we will discuss thoroughly

With so many choices of role free fire, you will definitely find it difficult to master them all. But it’s not like that because it’s better for you to master one role up high than to try everything and get into trouble. This time we will discuss the most flexible role, namely semi support. Semi support itself is arguably the most balanced role because it can help fraggers or support.

Here we will provide an explanation of the role of semi support in Free Fire. This role is of course very important for you to learn and master because apart from being the most flexible role, semi-support is a balanced role, so if you master this role you usually learn other roles you won’t have so much trouble.


Semi support is a role that is quite unique compared to other roles. The reason is because this role is a very balanced and flexible role so there are no very rigid tasks. So if you play as semi support, usually you will often fill the empty seats for your assignments.

Another advantage of using a semi-support role is that you don’t have to be fixated in terms of characters and weapons. The reason is because it can fill in the rest of the roles and tasks so you can only adjust your tasks and play styles later.

When playing as semi support, of course, you have to prepare suitable equipment and items. You here have to balance your items both from basic equipment such as armor, helmets, and weapons as well as other items such as grenades, gloo walls, or healing items. From here you can focus on several sides, for example if you want to play as a semi support which is more aggressive, you can take more bullets and better weapons. But if you want to play as a more passive semi-support, you can collect healing items, grenades, or a gloo wall. This will make it easier for your team because you are very flexible.



Moco is a character that can be played as semi support because of his tag skill that really puts other team members into consideration. Enemies who are shot by it will be hit for a while which can be used by all team members.


Antonio is a hero who is also suitable to be played as semi support and is good for beginners. With a higher HP, he can be played as a very aggressive semi support.


Many use Paloma as an offensive character, but as a semi-support, she is also quite suitable. The reason is because Paloma can be used as an AR ammo hoarder where other team members can fill their bags with other items.


Andrew, who is very difficult to kill thanks to his armor, you can also use as a semi support which will be a bit like a front line tank. This is because it can act as a tank and also support the existing rusher or tank.


DJ Alok is the strongest buffer in Free Fire thanks to his AoE aura skills which are very overpowered when used by a compact team. Therefore, make sure you and your squad don’t come out of the dj alok aura

That’s a guide about semi support in Free Fire which you can learn. The way to play and the available characters are very suitable for use by beginners or advanced players who are already experts. Semi-flexible support is very suitable as a learning role.


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