Free Fire Tips on Using the Thompson in FF

Up until now, there are more than 25 million Free Fire users worldwide. The updates and recent development is worth to try, and there will be even more updates to come. Here we have some tips for you to Booyah for you beginners. Garena is quite consistent on updating the game, and keep on fixing every bugs that emerges in the game. There are so many challenges and game modes that you can try in the game. Especially rank mode, where if you lose, then your rank is at stake!

We have some information on the latest Thompson SMG in Free Fire. This weapon, if used the right way, can be a very dangerous SMG weapon. Here’s some tips on properly using the Thompson in Free Fire!

1. Use It in Close to Medium Range

Thompson is one of the SMG that is capable against enemies in medium range as well. However, as the enemy gets further and further, the Thompson will not be as effective. So make sure to keep a close to medium distance against your enemy, in order to kill them with a Thompson.

2. Don’t be Reckless

The Thompson is indeed a powerful weapon, but don’t be reckless as you’re using it. It’s because there are some ways to counter this weapon’s capabilities. Try to play it safe, so you won’t be losing fast.

3. Combine Jota + A124 + Nikita

The best thing to do while using the Thompson is to use the proper character combination. The best character skill combination is the combination of Jota, A124, and Nikita’s skills altogether. Jota’s skill enables you to heal every time you kill an enemy with an SMG or a shotgun. So your enemy will be having a hard time as your rush towards them with a Thompson. A124’s skill is also useful, where she can convert Energy Point to become HP quickly. This way, you will have even more reserve HP for you to use after a fight with the enemy. Nikita’s character skill is one of the skill that players use rarely. But her skill is very useful if you’re using a Thompson. Because with Nikita’s skill enables you to reload your SMG faster than any other character.

And that’s some info that we can give you on the Thompson. The Thompson is a really powerful SMG in close to medium range. So be ready to use it later in the game!