Free Joker Free Fire Surfboard Skin in the FF travel mission Event

This time there is a Free Fire travel mission event that you can do and get a free FF joker surfboard skin during the event. This July, there are many events that Free Fire players can enjoy. Of course these events are very interesting and some are even easy to follow. By completing this event, you can get lots of items that you can use.

It’s easy to follow this one event to get available items. Of course later we will explain carefully about this one travel event. By participating in this easy event, you can get interesting items in the Free Fire game.

You have to read it carefully to understand, because this event is very important. The reason is that although it is easy to do, here we will provide some tips to easily get items from this event.

Here we will provide information about the upcoming Free Fire travel mission event. This event is certainly easy to do because you don’t have much to do. Even technically you can complete this event in just a few games.


Skin Joker Free Fire Surfboard Free travel mission ff

This one event is as the name implies, you have to travel. Of course there are still some people who are confused about what is meant by travel in Free Fire. Here we will explain more about the Free Joker Free Fire Surfboard Skin.

Travel here means your mileage when playing the FF event. This is calculated when you get off the plane and will be accumulated while playing. The count will end at the end of the game and will continue in the next game.

From here you can do many things, from walking as usual or using a vehicle. The important thing is that you keep moving to increase your travel level when playing. Apart from that this is quite easy to do if you just focus on moving.


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This event lasts quite a long time so you don’t need to be afraid to miss it. Of course you can do this even for a day. The reason is because this event is quite easy to do when playing later and you can get the Joker Free Fire Surfboard Skin for Free.

You can do this event between just a day in a short time or you can take it easy. Take it easy, don’t be afraid because this event lasts a long time, so take it easy unless you want to get items quickly.

Event period: 14-19 July 2020

10,000m = 1x Ottero Box
Traveled a distance of 25,000m = 2x Ottero Box
Covered a distance of 50.000m = Joker Free Fire Surfboard Skin


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There are several ways to complete the event. By following these tips you can get this event item very quickly. Don’t be afraid because even though you can take this event casually, you can also complete the Free Fire travel mission event quite quickly.

The thing that is very helpful when playing the Free Fire Mission Travel Event is to use a vehicle. Vehicles will make your movement rate very fast. If you use a vehicle from the start to the end of the game, you can complete this event even in one game!

Apart from using the vehicle, get off at the very end of the area. With this you will be forced to continue moving far. By getting off at the end of the map and using a vehicle, you will be more effective and efficient. This is the easiest way to do this FF travel mission event.

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That’s information about the Free Fire travel mission event that you can do. This event doesn’t end quickly so don’t worry because the most important thing is that you are happy when playing.

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