Freedom or Death, the 2016 Boston Major Main Event

Valve’s decision to create the 2016 Boston Major Main Event with the format single elimination seems to disappoint a lot of people. How not, the event usually uses a format double elimination now change to single elimination. The impact? We will not see any sweet revenge at the Wang Theater later.

Yet if you pay attention, the champion passes lower bracket is not something that is impossible. EG at TI5, they became champions after being thrown into lower bracket and finally won in the final against CDEC. Then OG, in the Frankfurt Major, also won after being dropped to lower bracket first. So what are the prospects for the future if single elimination will continue to exist?

Bracket Main Event Boston Major 2016
Bracket Main Event Boston Major 2016

When it comes to what the advantages of single elimination. Obviously, the time taken would be more saved. The energy from the players also wouldn’t be too drained like this double elimination. But the disadvantages are even more painful. How big teams that may be in poor form do not have a chance to improve. We will also see that one of the TI5 champions or TI6 champions will become a prisoner because it will only be in the 9-16 position in Boston. Obviously this is not good news, right? Maybe even one of us wants these two teams to meet in the final.

But in every change, there must be positive things in it. And with single elimination, of course, we will see more exciting games from the competing teams. Everyone will do their best, so we hope that the Boston major champions this time are the team that will actually stage the lifting of Eaglesong’s trophy and money worth 1 million dollars. Freedom or death? Win the game or go home with your head down?

Now it’s your turn to speak up! Which format do you think you prefer? Single elimination or double elimination? Please fill in the poll below.

Which One Would You Prefer?