Freya Rework in Mobile Legends is only a display. Disappointing?

Freya, the one and only Mobile Legends hero which must be redeemed by buying Diamond (excluding Starlight Member) is indeed quite interesting to discuss.

Although quite popular among amateur players, it is still less popular at the competition level or pro player. Finally, if we remember correctly, Freya was only used by Instinct from RRQ.O2 on the show IGC 2018.

Documentation: Dunia Games

However, Freya is back in the conversation because hero this get rework in zoom in Advanced Server. For those of you who hope it is buff or rework skills for Freya, you might be disappointed.

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Would it be able to increase its popularity again if only limited to change skin?

We also ask for opinions KB Legends, shoutcaster for Mobile Legends, about Freya’s change of appearance this time.

According to him, “in Freya’s case it can be said revamp. only changed appearance, not ability. So, when Freya just changed skin-her without skillhim, he will only invite the “interest” of MLers who might be tired of seeing Freya before. “

However, according to KB, Freya does not need to get it rework skill because he is a Fighter Initiator so it is also natural that he often dies. KB also added that Freya didn’t need it buff because it’s more to depend on skill the players.

“So, wait tips and tricks Freya on my YouTube channel, friend Revival! ” wawkwakwak … Even promotions doi.

That was KB’s opinion. Do you agree that Freya really doesn’t need buff and rework skill? I myself actually don’t believe that Freya will be in demand again when it is released on the official server later if it only changes dressings.

I don’t really need it buff (considering Freya in a way hero premium), the alternative is that Moonton might be able to release hero new one that could synergize really well with Freya.

What do you think? Write it in the comments!