From the laziness of the team members to Patch 7.00, here it is on Resolut1on

Made it to be runner-up The International is not an easy thing. And Resolut1on, as one of the roster of Digital Chaos revealed how the team was doing after The International, up to his comments on the 7.00 patch. An interview from Yahoo Esports via Zorine Te to Resolut1on will at least make us understand more or less what is happening in the DOTA 2 scene.

Resolut1on explains how they really didn’t like the result that ended up bringing Digital Chaos to Ad Finem in the Boston Major. The Greek team is said to have the desire to win games more, that might also be the reason they lost besides how they also wanted to win but were too scared to do some things at that time.

About MoonMeander, he also said that these two players are as good as Moo, but they have different styles of play. On the other hand, he also said that one of his inspirational carry players was Arteezy. As we all know, Resolut1on used to be a midlaner.

Meanwhile, about patch recently, he said that he actually liked the changes but that too often the changes were made that made him feel like he was playing a different game every day.

And there are many other things that he told in this interview. If you want to see how the interview looks like, RevivaL TV has got it ready for you.