G2 Esports Complete the CS: GO Team at DreamHack Valencia 2018

CS: GO again enlivened by one of his titles with the title DreamHack Valencia 2018. The event, which is located according to its name, Valencia, Spain, will be an event attended by 8 teams CS: GO professional.

dreamhack valencia 2018
DreamHack Valencia 2018. Source: DreamHack

G2 Esports is one of the teams that officially gets it direct invite of the event. Team dominated by rooster from France this has shown a brilliant game even though he hasn’t produced a single trophy.

G2 Esports itself has a myriad of talented players, but the team’s strategy and abilities are not worth the experience rooster-his.

Nonetheless, their own journey paid off, they qualified for the ESL One Cologne playoffs, and were ready to face Germany’s BIG.

G2 Esports itself has several problems in the composition of their players, namely substitutions rooster continuous and NBK sales as well as apEX are filling the bench.


Even though they were hit by lopsided issues, they still proved that G2 Esports was still trying to win their first title in 2018.

With the presence of G2 Esports, here are 7 remaining teams that will enliven the 2018 DreamHack Valencia event:

  • Heroic
  • Virtus.pro
  • North
  • AGO Esports
  • Fragsters
  • Luminosity Gaming
  • Giants Gaming
Participants in DreamHack Valencia 2018. Source: liquidpedia

DreamHack Valencia 2018 will take place on July 12-14 in Valencia, Spain, to be precise Feria Valencia. Like other DreamHack Open events, this tournament will reward totals prizepool amounting to US $ 100,000.

The qualification itself only presents 3 slots from several regions, namely North America, Europe and Iberia (Portugal-Spain). On the other hand, Virtus.pro is again the team that was invited to the event made by DreamHack.

Virtus.pro won DreamHack Las Vegas 2017. Source: DreamHack

Apart from DreamHack Valencia 2018, Virtus.pro was also invited to the Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2018 event.

Despite reaping the pros and cons, Virtus.pro is still a selling point in itself for a tournament CS: GO.

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Virtus.pro is also the same as G2 Esports, both have yet to win the title in 2018.

With Snax leaving, of course Virtus.pro will have to rack his brains extra to determine a new strategy for the upcoming tournaments.

G2 Esports wins DreamHack Malmo 2017. Source: DreamHack

Even so, from the ranks of the team CS: GO who compete, it’s hard to predict the champion. You could say that these teams are far from the word ‘good’ compared to competitors in other titles.

North won DreamHack Tours 2017. Source: DreamHack

It’s possible that DreamHack provides opportunities for teams the underdog won its first title in 2018. North itself has won its first title in 2018 through the title DreamHack Tours 2018.