GALAXY SADES Officially Becomes the EVOS Esports Family!

Point Blank’s competitive scene in Indonesia seems to be getting more and more glimpsed by major esports organizations in Indonesia, this time there is a women’s team. Galaxy SADES which officially became a part of EVOS Esports.

Galaxy itself is not a new name in the women’s competitive Point Blank scene in Indonesia, this team itself shone for the first time when winning PBNC 5 Ladies while still downstairs Gemscool. Had 2 times become runner-up on PBLC 2016 Season 1 and 2, Galaxy finally returned to success to become a champion on PBLC 2017 Season 1, and they just managed to win back PBLC 2017 Season 2 some time ago, as well as being the representative of Indonesia at the inaugural event PBIWC 2017 although they have to settle for 3rd place.

Even though it is a new esports organization, EVOS Esports itself can be said to have a big name in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Their DotA 2 Division is certainly no stranger to having many achievements both in the national and Southeast Asian arena.

In addition, they also have other divisions such as their League of Legends in Vietnam, Hearthstone which is filled with Southeast Asian players, EVOS also has other mobile game divisions such as Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor, most recently the Arena of Valor division they just won Battle of Valor 2017 and has the right to become a representative of Indonesia in the event AoV International Championship: Asia upcoming in South Korea.

Previous, Rex Regum Qeon first announced their Point Blank division, namely by taking the roster ENDEAVOR and culminating in their success being the only team that won 2 national tournaments in 1 year, as well as winning the name of Indonesia by winning PBIC 2017 some time ago.

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