Geek Fam Announces New Roster, WG.Unity Changes Cast

Failed with their previous roster, team Geek Fam overhauling their entire roster for the coming season. Their roster consisted of 5 players from Southeast Asia, 3 of whom came from Malaysia and 2 from the Philippines. Their roster consists of:

Maybe their names sound familiar to those who are new to the competitive world of Dota 2. But it turns out that they have been in the competitive realm for a long time. Skemberlu I’ve previously played in teams like Acion Arena and Signify. Other than that, ChYuan is a former player from the team WarriorsGaming.Unity.Youth and later transferred to the main team WarriorsGaming.Unity.

March, from Malaysia, also joined the team Power Gaming. While PlayHard already had time to join Mineski in 2014 and after that on the team Arcanys Gaming. Lastly, Oil known to have played on the team Genesis Pro Gaming who won 3rd place in the ESL India Premiership Fall 2017 Master League Phase 2.

Even though none of their old players are still on this team, fans of the Geek Fam team are still confident in their support team and hope they can play even better.

Best of luck, Geek Fam!

On the other hand, the team WarriorsGaming.Unity has reportedly lost 2 of their players. After his return sQreen to Europe, it turns out they also have to lose the support, FlySolo who decided to return to the team Clutch Gamers. (Also Read: Oops, sQreen is Back in Europe, How’s WG.Unity?). The two players were forced to leave due to language barriers that interfered with their communication as a team.

Syeonix on his old team – Geek Fam

To change their position, WG.U has recruited 2 players from Malaysia. Syeonix and xNova-. Both players are former WG.U players as well, but both decided to leave the team in the 2016/2017 season. Roster WarriorsGaming.Unity in the future are:

All the best, WarriorsGaming.Unity!