Geek Fam ID Coach Message for Alter Ego at MPLI

Geek Fam ID coach, Nafari, gave a message to Alter Ego who will be challenged in the semifinals of the MPLI tournament tomorrow.

Geek Fam Indonesia managed to show outstanding performance in the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI) tournament.

Geek Fam beat Bigetron Alpha with a score of 2-0, then beat Blacklist International with a score of 2-0 as well.

It’s not enough, Nafari’s team managed to beat the Malaysia / Singapore Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) champion, namely Todak with a score of 2-0 as well.

RevivaLTV immediately asked the Geek Fam ID coach, Nafari, about the message he wanted to convey to the upcoming opponent, Alter Ego in the MPLI semifinals.

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message geek fam id alter ego mpli

“Hopefully it can provide an interesting match and whoever wins will still support Indopride. We are ready to fight whoever it is and do the best whoever the opponent is, “Nafari said to RevivaLTV.

RevivaLTV again asked about how Frzz’s performance with Selenna after appearing nicely in the match against Todak earlier to Nafari.

“The performance was great, but not for Frzz alone, but for everyone who played, they did it jobdesk each one very well, “said Nafari.

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