GeForce Day Indonesia Succeeds, TNC Pro Team Vs Girl Fans!

Yes, just ended a big event from one of the largest VGA Card manufacturers in the world NVIDIA, holding GeForce Day at APL Tower-Central Park, West Jakarta.

An event that aims to be a gamer’s day, where many gamers gather and watch many exciting things, for example a presentation from overclockers the world’s number 1 originating from Indonesia, we can also meet directly with Indonesian esports teams there EVOS, RECCA Esports, NXL LADY, NXL>, DDS and guest star of the pro dota 2 SEA team who made it to the main event of The International 7, namely TNC Pro Team.

TNC Pro Team come to Indonesia with a complete roster 1437, Nail, Raven, Sam_H, and Tims. Not only meet and greet together TNC PRO TEAM At this GEFORCEDAY, visitors who came to the event venue had the opportunity to play with players from TNC too!

There are 4 lucky people to play with the player TNC, among the 4 people selected there are 2 special people. The first was Zakucj, the RevivaLTV crew who had the opportunity to play together 1437 and friends.

But that’s still not enough. This is what I think is very special, there is a SEXY player! and he was appointed directly by the TNC manager, so lucky he is! not a hoax, this is proof.

play quite nicely using Crystal Maiden and act as support. WAW! I created this article to motivate female gamers! don’t be embarrassed! If you like to play games, show me, don’t worry !.

This article was written by Fikri Haekal use the feature ‘Contribute‘on the RevivaLTV.ID website. Let’s write about esports and be part of the driving force of esports in Indonesia.