General – Batrider discontinues Alliance venture in Manila Major

Natus Vincere, who is now in the Lower Bracket – Manila Major because he previously lost in the Upper Bracket against OG, in the Lower Bracket they met their longtime opponents since The International 2013 who else if not Alliance.

The first game was quite exciting, even though the early game Navi took the lead in kill scores but not for Networth, who was led by Bulldog who farmed very well using Broodmother.

Alliance with its rat combo hero Bulldog – Broodmother and EGM – Jakiro they won in the number of towers destroyed, when Navi tried to push but got above well with good initiation from Alliance, they got 4 dead heroes except Dendi who still had Aegis. However, after getting Dendi and SoNNeikO, it was Alliance’s turn to get Aegis.

With Aegis in hand, Alliance decided to push and succeed, Loda – Faceless Void managed to survive when she was really dying, Navi was short on numbers, and was forced to call gg in the first game. Alliance win game 1 ~

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The second game, where Navi chose to last pick Huskar to avoid the risk of a combo between Dazzle + Huskar for the Alliance.

Loda – Naga Siren farming is quite good in this game, in just 16 minutes he has finished Radiance, but even so, it seems not enough to help his teammate who keeps dying one by one during clash and gank.

Navi really dominates this game, where the main point is level 2 travel boots that really helped Navi get kill after kill, Alliance couldn’t withstand Navi’s attack and decided to continue to game 3.

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The third game, Navi’s performance and enthusiasm seemed to be increasing, With Bounty Hunter – SoNNeikO and General – Batrider, the two players who played very well, got kills and made the difference even further,

Some mistakes seem to have been made by Akke when using Phoenix, who knows how many times he put it too close to the opponent’s position, so that his Supernova was destroyed very quickly.

GeneraL with his Batrider always succeeds in lassoing and takes his opponent without a hitch, plus Dendi – Invoker and Artstyle – Vengeful who disrupt the Alliance formation very well, clash by clash must be done with a defeat in numbers for the Alliance, it feels even harder to continue the GG call by Bulldog. Navi won by a score of 2-1.

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With this victory, Navi still remains in the Lower Bracket, and will fight Team Liquid on the 10th. Meanwhile Alliance has to knock out in the top 9-12 and bring home the prize of $ 45,000 or the equivalent of 600 million rupiah, Wow. Goodluck Next Match Natus Vincere (y)