GEST 2017 follow-up: Fusion, Netzone, and Wild Card A.

On the last Sunday of February, GEST 2017 still continued. Where there were 3 brackets yesterday that presented exciting games.

Teams competed with each other in a match broadcast on the YouTube channel RevivaL TV, Sunday (26/2) yesterday and there were several matches that were hot and took place in high tension. Like in the last 2 games in the video below.

But before that, for your information, here are our winners for last Sunday.

Fusion (Jambi):
1. Capsa Player
3. Evo Gaming 1

Net Zone (Bekasi):
1. Team Pasir
2. Team Pasir
3. On behalf of Aria

Wild Card A:
1. Drop Zone 4
2. Drop Zone 3
3. Immortal Red

Check the VOD below. The best match is in the last 2 games.