Get 3000 Free Diamonds from the Latest Advance Free Fire (FF) Server!

Get 3000 Free Diamonds from the Latest FF Advance Server!

Want to know how to get it 3000 free diamond Free Fire from helping Garena testing Their Advance Server?

Free Fire (FF) is indeed a well-known game that most often provides many events for its players. Garena is often known as a developer who is very good at providing characters, diamonds and skins for free.

Garena recently gave the opportunity to get free diamond when you guys help out with testing Advance Server FF.

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How to Get Free Diamonds from Advance Server FF!

Free Fire players are given the opportunity to enter on Advanced Server to try unreleased content and updates.

Now, players will also get free FF diamonds if they report in-game bugs the. It’s quite easy right now to get free diamonds?

You can enter the Advanced Server if the server is not filled with other players.

If you are logged into FF Advance Server, this is what is necessary you guys do to get 3000 free diamonds:

  • You will 100 diamond if report a bug here with your FF account.
  • You can also get 3000 diamond if You and your team reported lots of bugs

This method is the best way to provide new Free Fire content before it is published for the players.

Immediately register and test the FF Advance Server to get 3000 diamonds for free!

How to enter Free Fire Advance Server

  1. Visit the official Free Fire Advance Server Free Fire website at
  2. Please log-in to your account via Facebook (make sure your Free Fire account is connected to Facebokk).
  3. After that, you only need to fill in the details needed to create the account
  4. If indeed the server is still closed, you can wait until it is opened next (estimated 10 September 2020)

If you have was successful go to the Advance Server, let’s immediately play the game and report any bugs you find.

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