Get rid of North, HellRaiser Wins 2018 Masters Event

Competitive scene CS: GO back to find the champion, Tim HellRaiser win the tournament Masters after beating the team North.

The team is a row of esports organizations such as Cloud9, mousesports, and fnatic which have already pocketed title champion in the 2018 tournament series.

The Masters event organized by StarLadder It’s been at least a week, with the Grand Final pitting the HellRaisers against the team rooster Denmark, North.

Tournament level minor this brings the match to the format best-of-three (Bo3), of course the determination of the 3 rounds made both teams put on their best performance since the beginning of the game.

The first match starts from folder Cache, HellRaisers got a Tero side that successfully gave them a significant lead against North.

Action quad-kill from Issa “ISSAA” Murad in gun round first, able to build up the HellRaisers team. After continuous aggression, rooster the combination of European countries had lost momentum.

After falling behind 5-10 in the first half, HellRaisers through the CT side again gave fierce resistance when winning 11-4 in the second half. With the final result 16-14, HellRaisers managed to get the first points in the grand final match. HellRaisers 1-0 North.

Overpass to witness the second match, a folder which provides an advantage for rooster Denmark. North, who started the match with the CT side, managed to ward off the onslaught of the HellRaisers team.

HellRaisers themselves had a chance to fight back with a score of 10-5 in the first half but The North was able to show how good they were folder Overpass.

Getting only 1 point in the second half, HellRaisers had to be defeated by a score of 16-6 which was closed with action clutch 1v2 Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye. 1-1 for both teams.

Folder determination, Inferno be the location chosen by both teams. Inferno itself becomes folder the first grand final to show the match to the round overtime.

The two teams arguably looked stunning, counterattacked, aggressive strategy until clutch which gives point by point.

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HellRaisers who built the momentum by winning 4-0 had to feel the heat of the match against North’s side who managed to equalize.

The second half, which shows the score of 13-13, lasts until the end overtime. HellRaisers, who were 1 point ahead of Tero’s side, managed to make a difference with the action double kill from Vlаdуslаv “bondik” Nеchуроrchuk in bomb area B. A score of 17-19 ensures the first trophy for the HellRaisers team.

HellRaisers are among the teams that managed to secure their first trophy in the 2018 tournament series. So far only mousesports has 2 trophies, namely StarSeries i-League Season 4 and V4 Future Sports Festival.

bondic and friends have the right to bring a prize of US $ 50,000 while North, who showed fierce resistance, had to settle for the prize US $ 20,000 in position runner-up. The following is the final standings, complete with the order and number of prizes event Masters 2018:

1. HellRaisers – US $ 50,000
2.North – US $ 20,000
3.Fragsters – US $ 15,000
4. – US $ 7,000
5-6. Gambit & GODSENT – US $ 2,500
7-8. forZe & Red Reserve – US $ 1,500

Edited by Jabez Elijah