Get to know Kensei Vainglory Ready to Change Competitive META

Maybe the frenetic new hero made Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) is less heard because of the polemic about the presence of the joystick feature on patch 3.3 Vainglory. But of course we cannot turn aside the existence of a new hero who is predicted to change competitive META Vainglory, Kensei Vainglory.

Although the presence of a joystick is indeed the main topic of activists Vainglory, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing about the abilities the new hero has. To find out more about this hero, below heroic perk and skill belong to Kensei the Mecha Samurai:

Kensei’s skill set. Source: Broken Myth

Passive – Immovable Mind (Heroic Perk)

After attacking a hero or monster for the third time, Kensei’s next attack will give a 25% bonus. damage and deliver barrier in health bar.

Skill 1 – Lotus Strike

Kensei charged forward, swung his sword and gave basic attack damage for enemies within range of his sword. Bonus effect slow when using the Kensho Stance.

Skill 2 – Kensho

Kensei strikes at the target target and jumps back, enters Kensho Stance for 2.5 seconds and delivers fortified health for some time.

Kensho Stance: Attack Lotus Strike or Path of the Ronin gives a bonus effect when used.

Skill 3 – Path of the Ronin

Kensei gathered strength and dashed forward quickly, giving out basic attack damage and bonuses damage for every enemy in range. Bonus effect a stunt when using the Kensho Stance.

This hero is also capable balance in terms of mobility, offensive and defensive. Use fortified health and barrier that’s right, also maximizes heroic perk with critical build able to form Kensei as the prima donna of junglers in the competitive realm Vainglory.

Even though this hero is released in general, it will certainly be more interesting to explore the potential of this hero in the competitive realm Vainglory. Apart from META, Kensei’s presence was able to influence the potential of the players by role Jungle in the game Vainglory

Use role Captain and Jungle were able to make a difference, then how did the hero respond from the eyes of an analyst from one of the teams Vainglory famous from Indonesia.

Heru “uhrecle” Litmanen, Vainglory Analyst BOOM ID. Source: Instagram herucl

Revival TV got in touch Heru “uhrecle” Litmanen, Vainglory Analyst for BOOM ID, regarding Kensei’s potential in the competitive realm Vainglory. “Kensei must be very influential in the game, for example a hero with mobility low will be hard to deal with Kensei.

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As for placement, Kensei inside competitive match at the beginning update will definitely be-tire until the big teams understand how to fight orcounter hero and apply it into META. “

Then how effective is the hero at role Jungle? “Kensei with heroic perk and his Lotus Strike will quickly finish off jungle monsters, so they can quickly help lane or invade the opponent’s jungle, ”added Heru.

The BOOM ID Vainglory team at the IGC 2018 event. Source: Instagram herucl

BOOM ID himself was able to provide resistance in his last competitive match at the 2018 Indonesian Games Championship which contained the top SEA teams; Renegades and Impunity. They are able to finish in third place, one level above Elite8 Esports which occupies the fourth position.

edited by Jabez Elijah