Get to know RainesuaL, the FIFA player who competed in the London FUT Champions Cup!

Indonesia can be proud of the achievement of one of the players FIFA, Kenny “rainesuaL“Prasetyo. The player who is currently defending SFI Esports managed to qualify for main event FUT Champions Cup # 2 held in London, England.

Before telling his experience while in London, I asked him directly about his journey to start his career in the world of esports FIFA to date.

Source: SFI Esports

He admitted that since he was little, his hobby was playing ball games. “So it was from the PS1 era start play that first game Winning Eleven continue to the PS3 PES 2013, but only casual player aja. Occasionally participate in tournaments PES but never won.

Since PES 2014 I don’t really like it so I started experimenting with it FIFA eh continued until now, especially because the FUT mode is addictive. So first time playing FIFA it was in its time FIFA 14, “He said.

FUT or FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in the game FIFA. He also explained that the prices of good players are expensive at FUT and nothing is certain.

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So, for example, if you spend money, you can only open it pack whose contents are random. If lucky and can be expensive players can be sold to market.

“But if not, then we can sell small change players to market “Until we have enough coins to buy expensive players we want to buy like CR7,” he said.

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How about the story when he entered the pro world FIFA? He started his career at TEAMnxl>. “One year ago they suddenly offered me to join.

Yes, because it’s a first time player too FIFA someone wanted to contract a pro team so I went straight join just because I feel this is a good opportunity. After 1 year, I decided not to renew my contract.

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I joined the Freak team but only lasted about 3 months. Starting September 2018, I received a contact from the owner of SFI Esports, who at that time we had never met at all.

However, through telephone and WhatsApp conversations, he really showed his interest in recruiting me. Two important reasons for my immediate interest in joining SFI are the basic salary and capital for the FUT team, ”he said.

rainesual fifa19
Source: Kenny Prasetyo

He has achieved various achievements both at the local and international levels which he just won before the FUT Champions Cup, namely the first winner at the Game Start Singapore event on 14 October 2018 as well as being his first at FIFA 19.

His escape to London certainly brought pride plus the tournament was an official tournament from EA as well developer all at once publisher.

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Plus he struggled from Asian qualifications where only 2 people could qualify. At that time he was with the Japanese players to represent Asia in London.

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Fighting in group C with 7 other players, he failed to qualify for the next round after having to settle for 2 wins and 5 defeats.

Even so, he made it a valuable experience considering the opponent he was facing had entered the world level. Plus the event can measure its ability.

Source: Kenny Prasetyo

“So I just got through to London, I got points like words Dota 2 for points to TI, “he said. This achievement makes him ranked 48th in FIFA 19 for the current PS4 platform. Interestingly, he is the only Southeast Asian player to make it into the top 50.

Before closing the interview, he conveyed his hopes for 2019. “I will definitely try again so that I can qualify for event EA major like the one in London and hopefully it can achieve further than before, “he said.

Source: SFI Esports

Not only that, it also gives hope to the community FIFA in Indonesia. “Hopefully it can develop even more rapidly and more and more esports teams are interested in building divisions FIFA, “ he added.

That was an interview with RainesuaL, hopefully in the future he can achieve more achievements in 2019. Not only that, his achievements can be used as motivation for other FIFA players to continue to develop.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda