Get to know the 4 best PUBG Mobile AR weapons in Season 17!

These are the 4 Best PUBG Mobile AR Weapons in Season 17, auto makes you Chicken and goes up to Ace!

PUBG Mobile is constantly bringing new updates, trying to balance them out and improve the overall player experience. This change in balance affects several things, including in the choice of weapons.

From update to update the increase in weapons is not that much, but META has grown and resulted in certain weapons becoming more OP.

This analysis is based on several experiences playing Streamer, and also the author, so not all can have the same opinion!

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Best AR Weapon of Season 17!


Scar is a 5 bullet weapon which is usually used as a temporary weapon until the player gets an M416.

This is because the recoil is much more difficult to control than the M416. But after the update, Scar-L is lighter to use and can be a solution for you if you don’t get the M416.

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Just like M416, it’s just that AKM has a high recoil rate, because it has more damage than 5.56 bullets.

This 7.62-rounded weapon is one of the favorite AR weapons to use. Even though the recoil control is difficult, the AKM is one of the yellow bullets that is stable, even though it must use recoil.

With AKM, it only takes a few bullets to knock someone out if you get a headshot, because the damage is quite large.

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M416 is one of the Assault Rifle (AR) weapons which is still a favorite for use in the PUBG Mobile game. Many players like this gun because of its consistency and also low recoil for long-range shooting.

This weapon has 41 damage and many attachments can be attached to this weapon. M416 is also a fairly stable weapon with a high scope, if your attachments are complete.


Groza is a favorite Air Drop weapon for PUBG Mobile players, because of the tremendous damage given by this weapon.

Even though it can’t be paired with a compensator, Groza is quite easy to control as one of the 7.62 bullets.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with the collection of weapons above for the most steady AR weapons in Season 17?

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