Glorious Results! Astralis Successfully Wins ECS Season 6 Finals Against MIBR

On Monday (26/11), Astralis as one of the best teams in the world again won a championship titled ECS Season 6 Finals after overthrowing MIBR in the grand final with a score of 16-14 (Inferno) and 22-20 (Overpass).

They also brought home US $ 250,000 or around 3.6 billion rupiah at the same time! Interestingly, 3 out of 5 Astralis players are players CS: GO the first who managed to touch the income figure of 14 billion rupiah!

Danny “zonic” Sørensen embraces Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen. Source: HLTV

ECS Season 6 is a seasonal tournament held by ECS and FACEIT. This 6th edition tournament presents a sizeable total prize pool of US $ 660,000. Presenting the 8 best teams from 2 continents, namely Europe and America.

Source: ECS

After going through the elimination round, the remaining 2 best teams met in the grand final, namely Astralis and MIBR.

The duel between the European and American teams was played on 3 maps selected by the two teams, namely Inferno and Overpass. Meanwhile, Mirage will be folder determinant if tie.

First Round – Inferno

Folder which Astralis chose is arguably the folder favorites from both sides. Even so, MIBR benefited from starting on CT side, while the Astralists started in the stronghold Terrorists.

MiBR benefited from starting on the CT side of Inferno. Source: HLTV

Interestingly Astralis managed to claim the first pistol round, and was able to go up 2-0 at the start. MIBR then countered by winning the situation eco in the next round.

The Danish team had the upper hand by collecting 3 consecutive rounds before MIBR responded with 3 consecutive rounds.

MIBR can catch up with where it was previously far off. However, Dewi Fortuna still sided with Astralis with an 8-7 advantage first half as Tero. And after changing positions, Astralis won 5 consecutive rounds before being rewarded with MIBR domination.

Astralis supporters rejoice over their winning team. Source: HLTV

Astralis who have reached the score of 14-10 must be held back with MIBR wins in the important rounds. In the end, however, Astralis managed to close down folder first with a thin score of 16-14.

Source: HLTV

Second Round – Overpass

Folder these two are selected maps from the Brazilian side. Although in statistics they rarely play folder This, MIBR looks ready in the tactics and game strategies they have prepared.

But after the economy of MIBR improved, they managed to show their final form by winning 7 consecutive rounds. But the position of the score was returned by the rival, and closed first half for the advantages of the MIBR 8-7.

The “Mastermind” of Astralis is showing his best on the Overpass map. Source: HLTV

Change of position to the defensive side, which in statistics is quite advantageous. Even though they managed to win the second gun rode, they were rewarded with Marcelo’s action “coldzera“David and his friends who managed to get 6 consecutive rounds without losing.

In the 15-11 superior state, MIBR is actually affected choke which makes them lose the next 4 rounds, and makes both teams play in the rounds overtime.

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Half overtime the first is not enough to determine the winner of this ECS Season 6 series, which ended in the second half played.

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Until finally Astralis managed to reach match point, leaving MIBR dying without money. Finally Astralis won folder second with a score of 22-20, at the same time winning this title.

Source: HLTV

In folder these two, almost entirely of Astralis players step up in delivering the trophy to his grasp. Coldzera himself did not succeed in delivering victory to his team even though he had recorded 38 kill in folder the.

Astralis managed to bring home his third ECS trophy after winning the same title in 2016 and last June 2018.

Apart from Astralists, Most Valuable Player from this tournament again fell to the star, Nicolai “device“Reedtz hereby claims his 6th MVP throughout 2018. He made a record rating which is impressive in this tournament.

It records 1.19 rating, and won several rounds that had a big impact on Astralis’ victory. During ECS ​​Season 6, the device performed fantastically, and consistently with rating positive in 9 of his 11 games.

Source: HLTV

Astralis has again extended its winning era by winning the prestigious title at the ECS Season 6 Finals.

Following are the prizes and the order of the teams in the ECS Season 6 Finals:

1. Astralist – US $ 250,000 (Rp3,622,000,000)
2. MiBR – US $ 42,000 (Rp1,738,000,900)
3-4. North, NiP – US $ 20,000 (Rp941,560,000)
5-6. mousesports, NRG – US $ 45,000 (Rp651,849,000)
7-8. Cloud9, Liquid – US $ 35,000 (Rp.506,994,000)

Astralis won the ECS Season 6 trophy. Source: ECS

Astralis will take part in 2 major events before closing the end of 2018, namely EPL Season 8 Finals, and BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018. Can Astralis win both of these events? Let’s wait for their action!

Edited by Yubian A. Huda