GO-JEK Officially Announces Collaboration with EVOS Esports, Green Again!

Editorial team RevivaL TV back to hear about EVOS Esports, after only a day’s lapse from the announcement sponsorship they With NVIDIA, today they announced their cooperation with GO-JEK. Yes, this time they actually officially announced via their fan page. Of course, this has been warmly welcomed by their fans, because this collaboration is expected to happen after some time ago rumors about this collaboration grew rapidly after they used “GO-JEK” on sponsor tag they.

As they say, the common vision and mission between EVOS and GO-JEK is what drives a deal between them. GO-JEK, which is also a subsidiary company of the nation, is clearly in line with EVOS, which is also the pride of Indonesia.

And in the end, we certainly hope that EVOS will be able to roar even stronger and wider than before. Because this step of EVOS certainly shows the seriousness of EVOS to navigate the competitive DOTA 2 in the future. Good luck EVOS!