Good Day Coffee Entered the Esports Market by Sponsoring the Vainglory Indonesia Team

It seems that the esports market in Indonesia is starting to attract the attention of product manufacturers beyond those related to gaming devices. This time, the Indonesian coffee drink producer Good Day entered the esports market in collaboration with the Vainglory Indonesia team Elite 8 Esports.

The reason Good Day chose a professional team of mobile games over PC games is because of the potential for the development of mobile games in the future. The development of smartphones and tablets is currently very rapid, starting from the lower class to the top, it is evident that the current generation of many young people spend more time with their smartphones.

“Good Day as coffee for young people, of course, always tries to be a friend who is hanging out in every activity of young people. In terms of gaming and esports in Indonesia, Good Day sees this as a way to get closer to young people because after all, many young people now spend time in gaming, besides of course studying at school or reading ”. Said Linda Wijaya, Brand Manager of Beverages Good Day.

The statistics of handheld device users in Indonesia are now above 70% compared to laptops and PCs which are only 28%, YoY the addition of users from 2015 to 2016 for mobile devices reached 41%. Of course, this proves that in the future mobile games will not be inferior to games via PC.

In Indonesia, many people have started to have devices with high specifications at affordable prices, while PC games require high specs and large enough costs to be able to play games like LoL, Overwatch and Dota 2 smoothly.

“Gaming is a positive thing if the esports team can represent Indonesia in the international arena. We chose Elite8 for simple reasons, they are the best team in Indonesia who can represent Indonesia in the VG International tournament and this is also a matter of pride for Good Day to be able to participate in raising the world of Indonesian esports. ” Add Linda Wijaya.

Team Elite 8 Esports now also in Manila Philippines to take part in the final of the Vainglory Southeast Asia championship this Saturday and Sunday, with this sponsorship, the Elite 8 Esports Team can certainly be better prepared to compete optimally.

The newest jersey that will be used by the Elite 8 Esports team in Manila later. Source:

Captain of the Elite 8 Esports team officialhein Very happy with the arrival and support of Good Day for the E8 team.

“We are an organization that is quite professional and has a clear vision and mission, incidentally Good Day has also sponsored several Vainglory events in Indonesia so they know and can see the potential of the Vainglory game in the future and also the potential in the E8 team”

“After being sponsored by Good Day Coffee, we can now upgrade our smartphones / tablets, from there we can start making calls during practice.” Clear officialhein who targets to be able to take part in the Vainglory world championship someday.

Congratulations to Elite 8 Esports and of course thank you Good Day for taking part in developing esports in Indonesia. Hopefully in the future we can see many producers who follow in the footsteps of Good Day coffee to enter the Indonesian esports market.