Google Starts Implementing Esports Features, No DOTA 2?

It’s so exciting, of course, to see esports starting to be recognized for its existence. Especially if a search engine like Google starts to implement the esports score feature on the first page of search. Certainly, this will make it easier for esport enthusiasts to follow every action from their favorite teams or the ongoing esorts tournaments. Whatever the game.

Starting today (9/12), it looks like Google is starting to implement this feature. You could say it’s not perfect, because not all games and teams have got this feature.

Like one of the tournaments currently taking place, namely League of Legends All Stars. This feature can be enjoyed. With a simple but informative display, we can get quite complete information.

lol all stars 2017 google feature

Some of the big esports teams are also getting into this completely new feature. Take for example Natus Vincere. What appears in this feature is the Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) division team.

navi google feature

What about the organization that organizes the esports tournament? We will try to see ESL, which has no doubt about its capacity in the world of esports.

esl google feature

But, for sports game players like DOTA 2, you have to be a bit reluctant because it turns out that on this initial opportunity, Google still hasn’t included DOTA 2 in its features. As we saw above, when we were looking for Natus Vincere, what came out was his CS: GO team.

Even Virtus Pro, and Evil Geniuses don’t get that feature. In fact, the two teams have great achievements, not only in DOTA 2 but also in other games. Meanwhile, several teams such as OpTic Gaming, or Fnatic experienced the same experience as Natus Vincere.

League of Legends teams such as SKT T1, Rox Tigers, or Samsung Galaxy also don’t get this feature. The worst thing is, when we look for the Samsung Galaxy, we don’t get the big Korean LoL team, but smartphone products. Yes, it looks funny.

samsung galaxy google feature

It’s also worth checking how The Game Awards, which was held yesterday, got this feature. And after we tried it, it was not included in this feature. However, standard features with link streams as well as a list of winners only on the start page of the search.

It seems that this feature is still far from perfect, but with a feature that has actually been around for a long time for traditional sports teams such as football or basketball, etc., we hope that the existence of esports will strengthen.

The best for esports!