Grand Final – Point Blank Garena Championship 2017 Starts Today!

It seems like today will be a tense day, especially for Point Blank eSports fans in Indonesia. How come, this is the day when several selected teams will fight each other to win the Grand Prize at Grand FinalPoint Blank Garena Championship 2017!

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PBGC 2017 This has started its qualification round a few weeks ago, and has received 9 Team Finalists representing their respective regions. Who are they, just go ahead:

  • AWESOME 45 – Regional Bandung
  • LEGENDARY EXECREAM – Aceh Regional
  • QFIVE 389 – Makassar Regional
  • JKOSAV EVO WR9 – Regional Pontianak
  • CRAFTY 217 – Jember Regional
  • ION MOB RAFTEL 161 – Semarang Regional
  • TEAM GF WR9 – Regional Jakarta
  • ENDEAVOR 389 – Regional Jakarta
  • DGW EMPORIUM WR9 – Palembang Regional
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These nine Teams will fight today directly at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (SABUGA) ITB, Bandung.

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To be able to enter the match location you will need a ticket, and the procedure for ordering your ticket can be seen here.

The team that won 1st place in this tournament will take home a Trophy and a prize of Rp Rp. 100,000,000, – coupled with a slot to follow Point Blank World Championship (PBWC).

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Relax, for those of you who are far away or can’t come to the tournament location, you can still watch this exciting tournament on Youtube Garena PB Indonesia which is expected to be live around 08.00 WIB today. Goodluck to all participating teams, Happy Watching Guys: D.