Grandfinalist PBLC 2016 Season 2

PBLC 2016 Season 2 has narrowed down to 4 teams, maybe many are still curious about which team got tickets to the PBLC Grand Final. Let’s take a look at their profile and rooster arrangement at the 2016 PBLC Season 2 event.

PBLC 2016 Season 2 chart

  • FFPS Female Fighter 186 (Jakarta)

Who doesn’t know FFPS Female Fighter 186? They are one of the elite Ladies Point Blank teams with various achievements they have achieved. Even though the rooster was slightly different from the previous year’s PBLC, FFPS Female Fighter 186 could still prove that they could advance to the grand final of PBLC 2016. The following is the list of rooster for the FFPS Female Fighter 186 team during the preliminary round:

1. Jenova FF: Gabriella Kasharaa

2. SezFF: Diana Purnamasari

3. MoccaFF: Rizki Hapsari

4. CyrusFF: Maria Rasandy

5. ShinyFF: Zulfa Badjeber

from left to right: Gabriella Kasharaa, Maria Rosandy, Rizki Hapsari, Diana Purnamasari and Zulfa Badjeber

Team BAINE is one of the ladies’ teams who are a bit foreign to our ears, but who would have thought the roster were old people who had enough flying hours in the world of Point Blank. Do you know? Now the BAINe Team rooster is:

1. BAINe_zhenBCS: Jeny Ditha

2. BAINe_msLulu: Ketty Christie

3. BAINe_fFamss: Okstantia Sutanti

4. BAINe_R0MAN0FF: Aned

5. BAINe_yeenCx: Yeyen

from left to right: Aned, Yeyen, Ketty, Tantia and Jeny

  • Galaxy SADES 389 (Jakarta)

Galaxy SADES 389 is one of the favorite teams in the PBLC event. With their passing to the 2016 PBLC Season 2 Grand Final, it is a testament to their strength. For those who don’t know the Galaxy Sades 389, here are the rooster arrangements:

1. KimoraGLXY_389: Antie Asthenia

2. ClarityGLXY_389: Indri Sherlyana Tunggal

3. AlonaaGLXY_389: Ira

4. ChronozGLXY_389: Priscilla Angelica

5. RdevGLXY_389: Devy Chan

from left to right: Devy, Ira, Angel, Antie and Indri

The last grand finalist is Aretha_MOB, maybe many of you already know and even know every member of the Aretha_MOB team, but for those who don’t know, this is the composition of their roster at the PBLC 2016 Season 2 event:

1. ReavenARETHA_MOB: Windy Fita Deani

2. p1ngskyARETHA_MOB: Pingkan

3. juansARETHA_MOB: Rahma

4. VizzelARETHA_MOB: Lianti Pangestu, and

5. rechtARETHA_MOB: Dwinda

from left to right: Windy Fita Deani, Pingkan, Rahma, Lianti Pangestu and Dwinda