Great Success, Official Permanent Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends

In the middle of development auto chess which is happening in the game world right now, Riot Games seems to be the only company that has managed to reap great success. Teamfight Tactics, an experimental game mode that Riot takes to earn his place in the storm auto chess turned out to get unexpected results.

Since its release, Teamfight Tactics It didn’t take long for it to become one of the most watched games in the world streaming platform Twitch. reported from the Twitchtracker site, the game has never fallen from the top 5 most popular games along with League of Legends, both of them are children of Riot Games.

source: Twitchtracker

Success and positive response obtained gamemode Riot Games, as the developer of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, therefore it passes post them on the Nexus site, Riot Games announced that they will make gamemode these as gamemode permanent inside League of Legends client.

To continue developing the game, Riot Games is also promising patch which will be launched along with the patch League of Legends as well as attendance champion new as time goes by.

source: Riot games

The success achieved by Teamfight Tactics over the last few months it looks like it will only continue to improve to the point where Riot Games announces an esports league for the game as it deserves League of Legends with the LCS, LEC and other regional leagues. After that who knows how big Teamfight Tactics will develop.

For the current competitive arena, it is still the same as other auto chess, there is no global or regional class championship with a stage and all the glitter for now. We look forward to the next few months for significant developments in terms of the competitive scene.

In your opinion, what is esports Teamfight Tactics in the future will you be able to get a place in Indonesia?