Group Division and Point Blank World Challenge 2017 Schedule + Guest Shoutcaster Marsell “Jnselz” From N1CS

Hello Troopers Revival!

Today the International Point Blank World Challenge 2017 will be held at Moscow, Russia to be precise in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center

All teams competing have confirmed that they have arrived at Moscow only Team Wings from India which must be replaced by Entity Esports because you haven’t got it yet passport

Signature.PB (Thailand) Arrived in Moscow
Entity Esports (India) Arrives in Moscow
For The Win (Europe) Arriving in Moscow
ENDEAVOUR389 arrives in Moscow

After being given time to rest and take a walk, all the competing teams received a dinner and continued with a draw folder and group

Black Dragons Esports (Brazil)
Respect Passage (Russia)
antiFRAG (USA)

Of course the group draw was the most stressful moment, each team stepped up and showed a group that they could immediately be accompanied by cheers, especially for Thailand which was so avoided. Following are the group draw results and PBWC 2017 match schedule (all times are in WIB):

Garena Point Blank Thailand

Saturday, 20 May 2017 – Group Stage
(R1) [LUXVILLE] 15:00 – Luccini.Gaming vs. zNation | ENDEAVOR389 vs. Entity Esports
(R2) [DOWNTOWN] 15:55 – Ice e-Sports Club vs. Respect | For The Win vs. Signature.PB
(R3) [MIDTOWN] 4:50 pm – Entity Esports vs. antiFrag | ENDEAVOR389 vs. zNation
(R4) [SANDSTORM] 17:45 – Signature.PB vs. Black Dragons | For The Win vs. Respect
(R5) [SAFEHOUSE] 18:40 – Entity Esports vs. zNation | antiFrag vs. Luccini.Gaming
(R6) [STORMTRUBE]19:– 30 – For The Win vs. Ice e-Sports Club | Black Dragons vs. Respect
(R7) [LUXVILLE] 20:30 – ENDEAVOR389 vs. antiFrag | Entity Esports vs. Luccini.Gaming
(R8) [DOWNTOWN] 21:25 – For The Win vs. Black Dragons | Signature.PB vs. Ice e-Sports Club
(R9) [MIDTOWN          22:20 – ENDEAVOUR389 vs Luccini.Gaming antiFrag vs zNation
(R10) [SANDSTORM] 23:15 – Signature.PB vs. Respect | Black Dragon vs. Ice e-Sports Club

Sunday, May 7, 2017 – Main Event
15:00 – 1st Group A. vs. 2nd Group B
17:00 – 1st Group B vs. 2nd Group A
19:00 – Semifinal 1 Lost vs. Semifinal 2 Lost
21:00 – Semifinal 1 Win vs. Semifinal 2 wins

Don’t forget to watch the exciting PBWC 2017 matches at livestream which has been provided PB Garena Indonesia You will also be accompanied by a Guest Shoutcaster, there is Marsel “Jnselz” Jeremia Handjaya, the leader of the team. Team N1CS.