GTA 5 Becomes the Third Most-Watched Game Because of Mod Roleplay

It seems roleplay which is currently popular on GTA 5 also made this game get a drastic increase in viewership on Twitch.

Reporting from the page, it can be seen that GTA 5 managed to occupy the third place in the game by total view the most in the past 7 days.

By collecting the total watch time amounting to 17 million hours, this achievement managed to beat the middle game boom that is Apex Legends.


What’s more, this figure also has a difference of 4 million hours from the game Dota 2 which is even holding a major tournament, DreamLeague Season 11.

The rise in the audience GTA 5 on platform Twitch seems to have been heavily influenced by his presence roleplay mod on the game published by Rockstar.

This is further strengthened by the number streamer who do stream and play together.

Twitch is in its own category incorporates GTA 5 with roleplayer mod. Unlike Dota 2 and Auto Chess which have their respective categories.

gta 5 mod roleplay
The mushrooming of streamers playing roleplay in the GTA 5 category. Source: twitch

Actually, it is the audience that can be printed GTA 5 this is very surprising indeed. In addition to the DreamLeague Season 11 tournament, there are also tournaments League of Legends such as LCS, LCK, and LEC.

Indeed, if seen globally, there are 3 tournaments from League of Legends make the difference that the game has a distance with the game GTA 5.

But if you change the settings to English, it’s clear that Grand Theft Auto 5 managed to occupy the 2nd position on the list despite the tournament League of Legends also have caster in English language.


Roleplay on GTA 5 itself is a mod where you can join a server and choose a job if you want.

Each server also has a job and user interface different in order to attract players to the server.

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It seems that now the audience doesn’t just need one live stream with an extraordinary game. However, many entertaining and seemingly calm games are also chosen.

gta 5 mod roleplay
Indonesian YouTubers who also don’t want to be left out of touch with the Rolepla Mod. Source: efkahfajar Youtube Channel

If you guys, why do you love watching people play Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay? Or have you played yourself mod who is this trend?

Editor: Yubian Asfar