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Friends of RevivalTV and Guardian Force fans, in this article I will provide a little info about the Guardian Force profile

And here are the profiles of the members of the Guardian Force:


Benny “Sunny” Susanto

Name: Benny Susanto

Nick: Sunny

Place, date of birth: Pekalongan, August 31, 1985

Job: Entrepreneur

Role: Leader


  • 1st Wild Card to PBIC 2012
  • 3rd Point Blank National International Championship 2012

Amario “taLenT” Falentino

Name: Armario Falentino

Nick: taLenT

Place, date of birth: Jakarta, February 15, 1995

Job: Employee

Role: Pointman


  • 2nd PointBlank Super Cup 2011
  • 2nd PointBlank National Championship 3

Michael “severiNe” Winata

Name: Michael Winata

Nick: severiNe

Place, date of birth: Jakarta, January 5, 1993

Job: College Student

Role: Support


  • 2nd PointBlank National Championship 1
  • 1st PointBlank National Championship 2

Azmi “mystique” Kamil Abdullah

Name: Azmi Kamil Abdullah

Nick: mystique

Place, Date of Birth: Bekasi, April 6, 1996

Job: College Student

Role: Support


  • 1st PointBlank National Championship 2015

M. Ilham Ridho “tRust” Al Hamid

Name: Muhammad Ilham Ridho Al Hamid

Nick: tRust

Place, Date of Birth: Fakfak, 27 July 1991

Job: College Student

Role: Rusher


  • 2nd PointBlank National Championship 2014
  • 2nd PointBlank National Championship 2015

Besides the Guardian Force team profile, I also had a little chat with the Guardian Force team manager, Tommy Switanto

Question: As the Manager of the Guardian Force team, what are the obstacles?

Answer: Of course I am the middle person, because with so many differences in personalities, characteristics, and behaviors it is very easy for conflicts to occur within the team, I must be able to unite them regardless of the situation. Even so, I can’t or can’t mess with their in-game, because there is already a Leader who will give them directions in the game.

Question: How do you view E-Sports Indonesia, especially PointBlank?

Answer: Actually PB is a potential game, we see for ourselves, for example, how the mass during the PBNC Grand Final yesterday was very large, besides that the regeneration for PB players itself was very fast, supported by the many local LAN and Online Tournaments. However, there are several things that must be underlined, the PointBlank game is still less recognized by the international world. There are also not many sponsors who have glanced at this PointBlank game.