Had a great time, TyLoo was blocked by FaZe in the IEM Sydney 2018 semi-finals

TyLoo, which is strengthened by two Indonesian players, BnTeT and xccurate, must be willing to go home when they have to meet FaZe in the semi-finals IEM Sydney 2018.

TyLoo’s achievement in the tournament which took place from 1-6 May 2018 is actually very worthy of praise because it managed to make a perfect victory in the group stage despite competing with teams. CS: GO top of the world.

They managed to beat Renegades, SK Gaming, and Cloud9.

Hansel ‘BnTeT’ Ferdinand who previously played for Recca Esports and TEAMnxl> even had time to go crazy when playing against Renegades.

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BnTeT even became Player of the Match when TyLoo competed against Cloud9 with a rating of 1.36 / 2.0.

Hansel himself admitted that he was surprised when he defeated SK Gaming. In his interview with HLTV, he said that at the start of this match his team did not play optimally. However he continued to support his team-mates and they started to bounce back in the second half.

“Finally, our teamwork is done solid and (we won). I really didn’t expect it, “said BnTeT.

Unfortunately, they had to admit defeat to FaZe where not even 2 players came from the same country. The five FaZe players now come from different countries.

Image Courtesy: HLTV

FaZe did steal the first game in the semi-final which took place on Map Cache with a final score of 16-9 for Faze.

But TyLoo managed to equalize the score to 1-1 in the second game, at Inferno with the same score but victory for TyLoo. However, BnTeT and xccurate were unable to play beautifully in Mirage which became the map for the last match.

Image Courtesy: HLTV

FaZe closed the win in the third game with the same score again, 16-9.

FaZe who is currently ranked 4th in the world (according to HLTV) will meet with Astralist which is currently ranked 1st in the world. Astralis, which is a team from Denmark, did record a better performance than FaZe in this event.

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The reason is, they managed to win all their matches despite meeting giant teams like mouseports, fnatic, and NRG.