Halloween Event Mobile Legends Floods Prizes!

Mobile legends is one of the best-selling Mobile-based Moba games in Indonesia, this game developed by Moonton is one of the favorite games in Indonesia. which is competing with Battle Royale games such as Free Fire: Battleground, PUBG Mobile and there is one more recent game which is now the strongest competitor, Call of Duty: Mobile. This is what makes game competition in Indonesia so fierce. This time there is a Halloween Mobile Legends Event Flood of Prizes!

In addition, in October this time Mobile Legends seems to be constantly providing various kinds of the latest events and really attracts the attention of the players. The most obvious thing about this Mobile Legends game has revealed several list of prizes that they will share with the players with a number of conditions, of course, this Halloween season.

Based on the notification, Moonton as the developer of the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will start presenting various kinds of prizes from October 12 to November 8, 2019 as preparation for the Trickster’s Eve Event.

Trickster’s Eve is one of the annual events in this Mobile Legends game, where each player can give virtual candy known as Trick or Treat. In 2018 a new mode called Deathbattle was introduced. Meanwhile, it is not yet known what new modes will be introduced this year.

Now, for this discussion, we will provide some explanations about the events and prizes that will be given by the Moonton Party. What are the prizes that you can get at this event? Listen carefully to the explanation in the article below.

Free Items During the Halloween Mobile Legends Event Period.

At this event, there are several items and things that you can get in the game for free at this Halloween event. For last year, the prize you got was quite unattractive, because it only presented a border avatar. However, for this event, you will get some skins that you can use later. Immediately, see the explanation.

  • Weekend 1 (12 – 19 October 2019).

At the Halloween ml event on this date, Mobile Legends players can get a skin for free, namely the Esmeralda Skin – Poison Vine. You only need to play with your friends in Classic, Ranked or Brawl mode.

  • Weekend 2 (19 – 20 October 2019).

On this date, Mobile Legends players will receive a Protection event. This protection can only be useful if you play with friends.

  • Weekend 3 (26 – 1 November 2019).

At this Halloween ml event, Mobile Legends players can get one of 4 permanent Elite Skins. These skins are Blazing Lancer, Peafowl Dance, Apocalypse Agent and Monk. But on condition that you finish the match with Friends.

  • Weekend 4 (2 – 8 November 2019).

On the week of the last Halloween ml event, Mobile Legends players will be able to get one of 4 permanent Normal Skins. These skins are Power of Widerness, Spear of the Bone Dragon, Flower Reason and Ancient Soul. But on condition that you finish the match with Friends.


Those are some of the Halloween mobile legends events that you can get this October. Don’t miss this month’s event because if you miss it just once, you won’t be able to enjoy the event and won’t get the prize.

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