Hard work pays off, OG finally raises the trophy again!

For a professional team class, what will happen if your team gets a performance that is not as good as usual? Of course looking for the best solution, whether it is to fix existing mistakes, or maybe to change the roster, but that doesn’t mean everything is the desire of the team, sometimes there is a desire from the individual too.

For the previous OG case, maybe many of you already know that one of the Midlane players AnathananaPham left the team around last August. And a month later RomanceResolut1onFominok entered and filled the vacant position.

source, facebook.com/ogdota2

Seeing the shrewdness and experience of Resolut1on, he certainly can expect more than ana whose count only started to appear when he joined OG and won several Majors. Even though a skill that is considered worthy of being called one of the strong mid players, Resolut1on and OG apparently took quite a long time to adjust to each other.

Even though they managed to get a few slots in the Main Event but unfortunately they haven’t succeeded in getting at least 4th place for Minor so that OG can secure a few Qualifying Points, but the results continue to be nil. OG kept on trying and finally got to the point where their hard work paid off.

OG continues to try to win again, their last win was the 2017 Kiev Major, source (wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2)

Having successfully qualified for the fifth Minor Main Event, namely MDL Macau, OG has a great opportunity to bring home their first trophy after losing to TI7. OG has shown extraordinary performance through the results of Groupstage which ran for 2 consecutive days.

source, wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2

And after entering the Playoffs, OG with the highest ranking in Groupstage chose to fight Natus Vincere first and the results were quite good, even though it was almost a comeback by NaVi in the first game, OG was able to handle it smoothly.

Entering the Grand Final, OG met an unexpected opponent, namely TNC, where they managed to beat Virtus Pro with a score of 2-0 in the semifinals too. This is reminiscent of the rematch of these two teams at The International 2016 where TNC managed to amaze many people by beating OG at that time.

But then let it go, OG in the Grand Final really looks full performance, with Resolution performing very well in previous matches making TNC decide to throw away more of Resolution’s signature heroes. But instead it made Notail get his signature hero with Tiny who was taken 2 times until the final score OG won with a score of 2-0.

With this victory, OG has the right to bring home a trophy and a grand prize of $ 130,000 or the equivalent of 1.7 billion Rupiah, and this is also the first time OG has received Qualifing Points (150).

1st – OG ($ 130,000 + 150 QP)
2nd – TNC Pro Team ($ 65,000 + 90 QP)
3rd & 4th – Natus Vincere & Virtus Pro ($ 30,000 + 30 QP)
5th-9th – EHOME, LFY, Infamous, LGD, VGJ.Storm ($ 9,000)

After this, there is Dota Summit 8 which will start the event on December 13-17, OG is lucky to get a direct invite. Looks like this is a big opportunity for OG, goodluck boys 😀