Having Health Problems, Na’Vi Must Play Without the Captain!

Several years ago when we heard the word Na’Vi that came to our heads were 2 things, namely Pudge and Danil “Dendi” Ishutin.

Unfortunately that is the past, now the Ukrainian team is still unable to regain their glory after being abandoned by star players.

Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev

This does not mean that Na’Vi has lost all of its old players, there is still one player who is loyal to be the mentor in this yellow-black team, namely Akbar. “SoNNeikO” Butaev.

However, the team with the full name of Natus Vincere will lose the captain at once support them for a while due to SoNNeikO’s health problems.

Quoted from the official Twitter account belonging to the Natus Vincere team, they will not play with SoNNeikO due to health problems, therefore their position will be replaced by a stand-in, Mikhail “Misha“Agatov.

Misha is a professional player who last played on the Winstrike Team until last March and has now become a status player free agent.

During her career, Misha has won various minor tournaments such as Taurora Invitational and Swift Forward Cup Winter 2017. But it should be noted, Misha is far from being a star player.

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The audience or esports activists don’t remember his adventures Dota 2. This is of course a question mark, why Na’Vi recruited this player.

In addition, Na’Vi is still not sure when to bring the captain back to the player bench. Only Na’Vi internals know about the Ukrainian player’s illness.

future of dendi in navi
Roster Dota 2 Natus Vincere. Source: Na’Vi Twitter

Of course this is a disadvantage, SoNNeikO is an important pillar in the golden era of Na’Vi. Along with ArtStyle, General, Dendi and DityRa, they were able to bring Na’Vi in the top 10 of the team Dota 2 world.

But whatever the reasons are, of course the entire Dota 2 community wishes Akbar Butaev’s health a wish. Hopefully he will be able to strengthen the team from Ukraine.

Editor: Yubian Asfar