Head Esports EVOS Answers the Rumors on LJ and Antimage Transfer Prices

Head of Esports EVOS, Aldean Tegar, was asked by RevivaLTV about the rumors of LJ and Antimage’s transfer prices!

EVOS Legends will present their latest roster for the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI) tournament which will be held from 27 November to 6 December 2020.

EVOS Legends Roster for MPLI:

  1. Wannn
  2. Rekt
  3. Luminaire
  4. LJ
  5. Antimage
  6. Rexxy

No half-hearted, EVOS Legends immediately made 2 star transfers like LJ and Antimage. Then Luminaire also returned to play after having had a break.

Suddenly this made the Indonesian Mobile Legends community look forward to seeing the debut of the new EVOS Legends roster in the upcoming MPLI tournament.

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LJ Antimage Luminaire EVOS
Photo via: Instagram EVOS

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Antimage’s transfer price is rumored to be 800 million while LJ’s is 2 billion and of course this info is just a rumor.

RevivaLTV tried to ask the Head of Esports EVOS directly, Aldean Tegar, about the transfer rumors circulating whether it was true or not.
Aldean Tegar replied “I’m sorry for this no comment haha, “which means we can only guess, friend RevivaL!

Approximately according to RevivaL friend, how much is the transfer price for Antimage and LJ to EVOS Legends? Follow the RevivaLTV timeline on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Revivalpedia to get the latest information about esports.