Here are 6 teams that will compete in BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019!

BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 will be held soon as a series of event BLAST Pro Series throughout 2019. Event second in 2019 will take place in Miami, America.

For those who don’t know, the BLAST Pro Series is a tournament organized by RFRSH Entertainment origin Denmark.

So far they have rolled out 5 event in various places, and was scheduled to roll out at least 4 event in 2019.

BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo 2019. (Source: @BLASTProSeries)

At the inaugural event of the BLAST Pro Series in the country of “Uncle Sam”, there will be 6 best teams who come through the invitation route.

The six teams will compete for a total prize pool of US $ 250,000 or around 3.5 billion rupiah, with the first winner getting US $ 125,000 or around 1.7 billion rupiah.

These six teams come from 2 different continents. 3 teams came from the Americas, while the other 3 came from the European continent. With at least 30 players from 13 different countries. The six teams are as follows:

Team Liquid – Subscription Runner Up

NAF, Stewie2k, nitr0. (Source: HLTV)

Currently Team Liquid holds the title as the best North American team to date. But even so, the team fronted by Jake “Stewie2k“Yip always fails to deliver victory.

As of 2016, they have bagged 7 titles runner-up in major tournaments, including 2 majors. Then among the 7 titles runner-up of these, 4 of which were won by Astralis. El Classico this has not been broken by Team Liquid until now.

At the BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo 2019 some time ago, Liquid managed to enter its first grand final round, even though it had to lose to the strongest team at this time, Astralist.

FaZe Clan – The Lost Throne of Superteam

Can AdreN, as the newest FaZe player, restore the glory of the FaZe Clan? (Source: HLTV)

After Finn’s exit “karrigan“Andersen from this international team, they have not managed to gain success. Degree super team owned by this team gradually faded despite being filled by the best players CS: GO world.

But lately FaZe can be said to be in the process “recovery “. They get better results than a few months ago. They almost held Astralis in Sao Paulo 2019 some time ago with a narrow score of 13-16.

Since the holding of the BLAST Pro Series, they have not made it to the grand final even though. Can this team change its fate at this event?

Cloud9 – Team America’s True Search

The experiments of players suitable for Cloud9 don’t stop there. (Source: HLTV)

It cannot be denied that after being left behind by 2 of their best players, Jake “Stewie2k“Yip and Pull”Pull” Celik, this team is direct drop and had not entered the top 30 teams in the world.

With Maikil’s return “Golden“Selim and the arrival of Daniel”vice“Kim to rooster Cloud9’s newest, big name Cloud9 is increasingly being questioned as the winner of ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018.

However, currently this American-European team is also in the process. “recovery“By reflecting on the current statistics that have shown a positive trend, it is in the top 12 of the world.

Made In Brazil – SK Gaming’s Roster Reunion

Brazil Pride under the legendary name MIBR (Source: @BLASTProSeries)

Even though it was dim, lineup form Gabriel “FalleN“Toledo has gradually returned to be the holder of the throne for the world’s best team.

They won 3rd place at the IEM Katowice Major 2019 some time ago, with ranking best up to position 4 in the world.

They decided to go back to their old player recipe, to be precise in the era SK Gaming. The same recipe that made this Brazilian team once the throne holder of the world’s best team.

Natus Vincere – A Dim Star

Can NaVi return to hold the BPS gold trophy? (Source: HLTV)

It is difficult to describe the best CIS team. So far, Na’Vi has succeeded in gaining success in 2 BLAST Pro Series events, namely Copenhagen 2018 and runner-up Lisbon 2018.

Big expectations are often placed at Natus Vincere, with the main reason being the presence of Aleksandr “s1mple“Kostyliev as the world’s best player medal holder in 2018.

At the IEM Katowice Major 2019 some time ago, this Ukraine-Russia team managed to show a stable performance, with Ioann “Edward“Sukhariev.

Danylo “Zeus“Teslenko who with his own hands brought this team into the top 3 of the major despite Denis”electronic“Sharipov as one carry in this team being under perform.

Astralis – Long Mission of Domination

Astralis is still at the top of CS: GO in the world. (Source: @BLASTProSeries)

Needless to say in detail, the number 1 team in the world to date, and lifting 3 BLAST Pro Series trophies can illustrate how scary this team is in the eyes of other big teams.

You can read the complete description of Astralist domination with factual figures via the link below:

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This time, Astralis will try to add to their winning coffers and trophies to be brought back to their home country, Denmark.

This event will have the same format as that of other BLAST Pro Series events.

All matches will be conducted in best-of-one, and the two most winning teams will advance to the grand final on the 2nd day with the format best-of-three.

BLAST Pro Series 2019 will be held on April 12-13, 2019. They will be broadcast live through 3 official BLAST Pro Series Twitch channels which you can see here.

It is very, very rare that the 6 teams that have occupied the top position in the world are brought together in 1 tournament.

Can the results of this tournament be a benchmark for finding out the best team at the moment? Who is your champion to lift the distinctive triangle trophy of the BLAST Pro Series? Let’s look forward to April 12-13!

Editor: Yubian Asfar