Here are Indonesian artists who are DOTA 2 gamers, the last is the best!

The bustle of the capital’s artists is definitely an absolute rush. They certainly do a lot of activities which are time-consuming jobs. So that being in front of the computer becomes very difficult to do.

Of course, there are many of these artists who play the DOTA 2 game. We cannot be sure how many, but at least the fact that some of the artists we will describe below are sufficient to provide evidence that DOTA 2 is indeed the favorite of the artists.

They are definitely not game artists, in a sense like Reza Oktovian who we better know as Arap. However, they are people whose backgrounds are artists who often fill the small screen as singers or actors and actresses.

And here are 5 names of artists who are DOTA 2 gamers:

    • Stefan Willian
      Boy Street Children, maybe we know him better like that. Stefan William’s name has been around for a long time in the world of gaming. However, he is not a full DOTA 2 gamer because he mostly plays Counter Strike. Even his team had won several major tournaments. You can read the full story at Turns out the Street Boy is a DOTA 2 Pro Player and CS: GO.
    • Egi John
      The name Egi John is definitely known to many people, especially FTV connoisseurs on the screen, of course this handsome one often adorns several television channels. And some time ago, Egi, who was in love with Marshanda, suddenly made a surprising statement. Egi asked Marshanda to return his DOTA 2 ID. This raises another question, did the ex-wife of Ben Kasyafani also play DOTA 2, or just confiscated Egi John’s DOTA 2 account? What is clear, Egi’s statement in front of reporters implies that the DOTA 2 game is important for his life.

To be sure, I asked to return my DOTA ID I. Because only DOTA ID that which is loyal.

  • Dennis Adhiswara
    Started his artist debut in the film Ada Apa dengan Cinta? in 2002, Dennis Adhiswara was better known as one of the most versatile actors. He has starred in dozens of films and of course that’s not all. Because at this time he is busy taking care of one of the online video-based multi-channel networks called Layaria. Talking about DOTA 2, Dennis admits that he is someone who really likes playing the game. However, at this time he has limited the hours of playing games and the maximum is only playing 3 hours. And one of the interviews below explains how DOTA 2 is in the eyes of Dennis Adhiswara.
  • JKT48 Kinal
    Born with the name Devi Kinal Putri, this one turned out to be a hobby of playing DOTA 2, you know. Even one simple photo of him posing at the computer when starting the DOTA 2 game has gone viral. Not only viral domestically, but also abroad and posted by several fan pages about DOTA 2. Kinal himself admitted that he sometimes played with Jessica Veranda or Ve, who at that time was still a member of JKT48.
  • Deasy Bouman
    This beautiful presenter had shocked the “world” with a photo with the background of DOTA 2. After being investigated, it turned out that he was playing DOTA 2. In fact, several times he posted several photos about DOTA 2 on Instagram and on his Twitter. Nobody knows whether he has been playing for a long time or is just following his girlfriend. Given, in many games he almost always plays with his lover. In addition, she also has a 5K MMR, even though the MMR is a party MMR. In fact, he even had time to livestream at that time on his YouTube channel.
  • Rizuki
    If you can remember, at one of the private television stations at that time there was a magic show called The Master. And one of the champions is Rizuki. This cute virgin rarely appears on the screen, but do you know that even though she still plays magic, she sometimes takes the time to play DOTA 2. And make no mistake, her appearance has changed so much now with the hijab that many people idolize her.
  • Young Lex
    The one and only badass DOTA 2 player. Yes, Samuel Alexander Pieter or better known as Young Lex is a rapper on the rise right now. Nobody would have thought that he was good enough to play games, let alone DOTA 2 class games. And on one occasion, he and Dagelan Gaming collaborated. Young Lex at that time using Monkey King even said that he liked this hero. Wow!

The names above are only a small part of the number of artists who play DOTA 2. However, many of them do not show off their activities playing the game, either because they only play casually so they don’t need to be published. Or, they feel that their game is not as good as others’ and so does not need to be flaunted.

Are there any other artist names that you know playing DOTA 2? Tell me in the comments column please.