Here are some sites where Valve’s “Love Letters” can be submitted

The love letter here is meant to be a warning letter for sites given a warning by Valve, we previously discussed it in the article “Valve is giving betting sites a strong warning“. Some of the sites listed are given a period of 10 days to settle the case with Valve.

love letter
Image Source Twitter @cyborgmatt

However, it turns out that this love letter is not only sent to the sites listed, but also sent to several other sites that have the same category.

2016-07-20 13_02_15- (5) Wykrhm Reddy - Opera
Image Source fanpage wykrhmreddy

So guys, for example, if this will run until the betting site Dota 2 is completely gone, will Valve draw sanctions to players who used to be in trouble because of “322” ?? for example ddz who was caught playing deliberately loses to win the bet.