Here are the 10 Best Players in the IESPL TBOF CS League: GO!

It can’t be denied if Indonesia Esports Premier League (IESPL TBOF) really helps the realm CS: GO in Indonesia. With this event, realm CS: GO Indonesia is increasingly shining, at least until now.

During its 11 matches, Indonesia’s top 12 esports organizations have competed to be the best in the local scene.

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If you miss, Rex Regum Qeon managed to top the IESPL TBOF standings, followed by Recca Esports, BOOM ID, and XCN.

The four teams have the right to advance to the IESPL TBOF Season 1 playoffs to win a total prize pool of 1.9 billion rupiah.

And if you want to see their action at this event, you can watch it again through the official IESPL channel which you can access here.

Besides CS: GO, you can see re-recordings of 3 other games that were competed.

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During this IESPL competition, of course we have seen some players who presented their best performance and helped their team win.

Although not entirely a factor in a team’s victory, the players with rating This height is certainly a reflection of the success of a team.

Here we present the 10 best players during the IESPL league according to data and statistics from YAMISOK as partner IESPL TBOF official.

We changed some of the rankings which didn’t match the reality because some players got into the top 10 by only playing a few match only.

10. Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan

KDA: 372/269/45 ADR: 75.97 RATING: 1.20

DubsteP is one of the outside players who made it into the top 10 of IESPL players. He is a player from the Philippines, just like his partner, Kevin “Dispenser“Te who is currently also residing in RRQ.

They proved to be one of the best Filipino players after joining the Mineski team. PH.

Joining RRQ since mid-2018, their performance has been quite shining, and they have even managed to enter and continue to the upcoming IESPL Season 1 playoffs.

9. Nanda “Asterisk” Rizana

KDA: 330/234/49 ADR: 73.26 RATING: 1.20

This AWPer from Recca Esports won the 9th position according to statistics from IESPL TBOF.

Asterisk noted rating amounting to 1.20 during this event. His own team perched in position runner-up, with just one loss and 2 draws.

The player who was brought in from BOOM ID seems to be a suitable choice for Recca after losing his star player, Kevin some time ago. “xccurate“Susanto.

8. Jason “f0rsakeN“Susanto

KDA: 274/212/57 ADR: 88.83 RATING: 1.21

F0rsakeN won the position of the 8th best IESPL player thanks to rating amounting to 1.21. Kevin’s younger brother’s recent achievements “xccurate“Susanto is winning IEG 2018 with BOOM ID, beat RRQ with an absolute score of 2-0.

Even though he is still 14 years old, f0rsakeN has managed to compete with players who have reached the age of two or even three.

7. Augusta “Sofriments” Maulana

sofriments alter ego csgo
Source: Alter Ego
KDA: 229/179/51 ADR: 83.78 RATING: 1.23

Sofriments from Alter Ego Esports won the 7th position of the IESPL best players. He was recorded as incised rating which is quite high, namely in numbers 1.23 even though his team is only in position 5.

Sofriments is the only player from Alter Ego who can enter the top 10.

The player who has the old IGN Foscmorc has just joined Alter Ego 4 months ago to replace the Malaysian player, Hazreel, “areel“Mazlan.

6. William “Kro” Adinata

KDA: 206/148/32 ADR: 82.02 RATING: 1.25

During his career at XCN, Kro was the 6th best player in the IESPL title.

Even now he was on Recca Esports, but numbers ratinghis time at XCN was quite impressive, namely in numbers 1.25. Will he be able to show the same performance with Recca in the IESPL playoffs later?

5. Windi “wnd” Halim

KDA: 205/135/41 ADR: 82.58 RATING: 1.26

Even though he is no longer in XCN, this former XCN AWPer managed to get the fifth position of the IESPL best player. He recorded rating at number 1.26, a pretty thin number in each of these IESPL player rankings.

Until recently, a former player Cross Fire XCN is still not officially anchored to any team.

But lastly he was seen playing as stand-in RRQ at the IEG 2018 event replaces Kevin “Dispenser“Te.

4. Enkhtaivan “Machinegun” Lkhagva

KDA: 371/266/57 ADR: 92.59 RATING: 1.27

Here are the outside players who are able to get into the top 10 of the standings besides DubsteP. He is Machinegun. Having been labeled as one of Asia’s best players in 2015, this player from Mongolia managed to make a record rating at number 1.27.

Currently, Machinegun is no longer in RRQ. However, with him making his mark in the Indonesian realm, he became increasingly recognized among Indonesians.

3. Aaron “mindfreak” Leonhart

KDA: 284/197/42 ADR: 87.73 RATING: 1.27

The player with the real name Aaron Leonhart has previously been a part of rooster BOOM ID since its inception about 2 years ago.

And now, he has successfully won the third position of the IESPL best players. The team itself is in the top 3 and has the right to enter the upcoming playoffs.

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He recorded rating amounting to 1.27 at the IESPL event. His last achievement was also brilliant, he managed to beat RRQ in the IEG 2018 playoffs some time ago at JCC, Jakarta.

2. Albert “FrostMisty” Giovanni

KDA: 327/219/65 ADR: 84.75 RATING: 1.29

The player who graduated from Recca Esports and TEAMnxl> is now wearing the Rex Regum Qeon jersey since the end of 2018. He joined together with former XCN player, Gary “blaZek1ng“Dastin. Noted he has rating amounting to 1.29 in all 11 IESPL matches.

He will participate in the IESPL playoffs, but wears a different jersey than usual, namely the RRQ jersey.

1. Adrian “adrnk1Ng” Setiawan

KDA: 366/240/59 ADR: 87.63 RATING: 1.30

Meanwhile for the players CS: GO the best that competed in the IESPL fell to adrnk1Ng from XCN. Although some time ago XCN had to lose 4 of its main players, but still still strong in the top rankings of IESPL players.

He recorded rating at number 1.30 in all 11 matches. Not surprisingly, this 20-year-old player also occupies the first position in FACEIT for the Indonesian region, and the 5th position in Southeast Asia.

Here are the 10 best players from the IESPL TBOF CS match: GO Season 1. In your opinion, which team will ultimately win this league? We’ll just wait!

Editor: Yubian A. Huda