Here are the six teams that will compete in the 2019 LEC Spring Playoffs!

After going through nine tiring weeks and coupled with one Tiebreaker match, finally the 2019 LEC Spring Split is officially over and soon we will enter the Playoffs round. Here is the final standings for the Spring Split.

Source: LoL Esports

Of the ten teams participating in the LEC, the top six teams will ensure that they will continue their journey to become the champion of LEC Spring 2019 in the Playoffs round. Who are the six teams?

G2 Esports

Since the beginning of Split, G2 Esports has consistently shown very strong performances both in terms of individuals and teamwork. Their position in the first place of the standings was completely unshaken from the start to the end of the split.

They also had five weeks without feeling a single defeat. However, since suffering defeat to Origen, G2 Esports’ performance has started to decline. Mikyx’s injury also further reduced the team’s performance so that at the end of the split, G2 Esports suffered 5 defeats.

Despite experiencing a decline in performance, G2 Esports is still one of the opponents to be reckoned with and the most desirable to win the LEC Spring 2019.


Similar to G2 Esports, Origen also showed strong performance throughout the Split. However Origen continued to appear consistent from the start to the end of the split, winning 12 wins and 6 defeats.

Origen had a hard time against fellow top teams such as Vitality, Splyce, and G2 Esports, but slowly they started to fix themselves and give revenge at the second meeting. Origen was the first team to beat G2 Esports through a very dominant game.

Seeing this strong and consistent performance, Origen is also the favorite to win the LEC Spring 2019.


Having started the Split as caretaker, Fnatic showed rapid progress through the victory they won and managed to end the Split in third position.

Since losing Dylan Falco and Caps, many have predicted that Fnatic will have difficulty defending the title. This was proven when Fnatic underwent five weeks with three wins from 10 matches.

However, Fnatic did not remain silent and tried to improve himself. As a result, since the sixth week Fnatic started to get 2-0 wins consistently until the end of the Split and scored 8 consecutive wins.

The victory was also obtained from top teams such as Origen, Vitality, Splyce, Misfits, and the team that embarrassed them in the fifth week, namely G2 Esports.

Seeing the fairly rapid development, consistent play, and team morale that is at its best, it would be unfair to forget Fnatic as a champion candidate.


Compared to the three previous teams, Splyce is not an explosive team. Splyce tends to play slowly and rely on gameplay macros. This is exacerbated by inconsistent player performance.

This style of play also produced inconsistent results. One week they can wipe out all the matches, but the following week they get a 1-1 result.

However, if Splyce manages to get their Win Condition, they will be very hard to beat. This was clearly seen against G2 Esports where they successfully led the game to the late game and they successfully tore G2 Esports apart without any problems.

Although not a champion favorite, Splyce should not be underestimated.


Even though Splyce had an inconsistent performance, Vitality was much more inconsistent and more difficult to predict. Totally random, like an RNG system.

Vitality includes a team with explosive play, but not with consistency. Sometimes in one game they can “explode” and win, but in the next game they make a lot of blunders and lose badly.

As with Splyce, the results they have achieved recently have also been less than good. However, this team is still not to be underestimated because they can explode at any time without us knowing.

SK Gaming

SK Gaming is the only LEC newcomer team on this list. It was predicted that they would not qualify, they actually managed to escape.

This team was not taken into account because it was filled with players who looked less convincing, such as Werlyb, Pirean, and Dreams as well as young players such as Selfie and Crownshot.

But that doesn’t mean this team should be underestimated. In fact, they were able to steal victories from top teams through convincing performances such as Vitality, Fnatic, and even G2 Esports.

Even though they have Underdog status, SK Gaming should not be underestimated. It is worth waiting for whether SK Gaming will be able to damage the dominance of the top three LEC teams in the Playoffs later.

For those of you who are not familiar with the new LEC format which has undergone a little change in the Playoffs round, you can see the explanation via the video below.

The LEC Spring 2019 Playoffs will begin on Saturday, March 30 2019 with the Fnatic vs Vitality match and continue with Splyce vs SK Gaming.