Here Is The List Of Beautiful Women In The World Of E-Sports

It’s not new to see many beautiful women suddenly enter the gaming industry. No, not only as a sweetener, but their capability to do their job is indeed very good. Well this time, we will present just who these women are. Curious? Let’s check this out!

  1. Sheever
    This woman can be said to be one of the seniors for women who are cravings to be able to be “someone” in DOTA 2. Sheever has started his career a few years ago, even at The International 2012, he was trusted to be a caster there. After some time, this Dutch-blooded woman was even trusted to be the host and analyst on several occasions. Hey, you prefer it Jorien van der Heijden aka Sheever who has become? Don’t tell me to be your life companion!
  2. Tyger
    Many thought that this Tyger was a man. Not surprising, considering his posture which can be said to be quite thick and coupled with a macho haircut finish! This woman, in fact, had only been a caster in the SCL (Smite Console League) for a few months but managed to attract a lot of attention. So, does it seem like you don’t have to look elegant to host a tournament? Real name? Samantha Moody.
  3. Soe
    Omg, is she the most talented woman in the e-Sport industry? This woman is very versatile. His face may be familiar because he is not only busy with one game. Prior to working with Blizzard in November, he was one of the people behind Freak 4 U Gaming, where they founded joinDOTA, 99 Damage, and Summoner’s Inn. I was so The number of times he attended e-Sports tournaments, made the editorial team confused about which information. Several well-known events that have invited him to attend such as ESL One and Blizzcon. And yes, he was born with a name Salome Soe Gschwind Penski in Switzerland.
  4. Seltzer
    For this woman, her name may not be familiar in Indonesia. But out there, Rachel Quirico or Seltzer This is one of the favorites to be assigned a lot at each event. To date, he has conducted more than 300 interviews in more than 15 games. Starting her career in 2011 by meeting her “home” on the Cyber ​​Sports Network, this woman is currently focusing more on streaming on Twitch. Even so, he still often looks active and even once hosted the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown which was initiated by ESL.
  5. Pansy
    Name Pansy very famous in the game CS: GO. Yes, with real names Lauren Scott, she is one of the commentators on the FPS game, she seems to be one of the most active women in recent years. Pansy has even been trusted to be in major CS: GO events since the beginning of 2013. For your Information too, she is an ESL employee. Oh yeah, listen to many who have become haters from Pansy. Friends of CS: GO players know the reason?
  6. Harli
    Who is she? Harli or those with real names Zorine Te this is a senior in the news section of Yahoo. But currently he is focusing on being on Yahoo E-Sports. A lot of the news that is there is the writing of this beautiful one. Several times he also conducted interviews with people on e-Sports such as when he interviewed a Resolut1on.
  7. Sjokz
    League of Legends lover? Clear presence Sjokz at the panel table will always be waiting at every opportunity. It’s not just about her beauty, but her deep understanding of the game and making good English skills Eefje Depoortere aka Sjokz is liked by many people. And one more thing, he is also fluent in German, you know, even though he is Belgian.

So, which one is your favorite of the girls, eh you mean the women on the list?