Here Is The Voice of the Juggernaaut Arcana, A Wrestler – RevivaLTV

Recently, along with the release of the Dueling Fates update, Valve released altered voice for the Juggernaut Arcana. The voice actor for the Juggernaut arcana turned out to be an unexpected person. For all Arcana Juggernaut or Bladeform Legacy owners, they will get it for free altered voice this. Many people like this new sound, considering that some people are also bored of hearing the same character voices.

But do you know who the voice of the Juggernaut arcana is?

He is a wrestler who has long been in the world of wrestling. He is Samoan Joe. The wrestler who is currently one of the superstars in WWE has a talent that not many people know.

Some time ago, Samoa Joe had a long absence from the wrestling ring after receiving a fairly severe injury to his knee. The knee surgery process, which took a long time, was accompanied by a broken nose. Receiving only 60% air while breathing, he must also receive additional surgery.

While waiting for his recovery at that time, he actually accepted Valve’s offer to fill this voice.

As we know, on yesterday’s 7.07 patch note, Valve said it would deliver altered voice this which can be used as a substitute for default voice Juggernaut.

All owners of the Bladeform Legacy Arcana for Juggernaut will be granted a new voice pack for the hero that you can equip to replace Juggernaut’s default voice with a special Arcana version. The Juggernaut now speaks with the power of an ancient lineage of revered warriors. Connected once again to the land of the living, these progenitors of the Isle of Masks shall not fall silent again.

Joe himself is now back in the ring. And started his feud with Finn Balor in the latest episode of RAW, Monday (6/11) yesterday.

When it comes to WWE, indeed they quite often collaborate with a game. Some time ago, Rocket League also became a sponsor for one of the WWE events.

So, do we need to call it Joegernaut now? Remembering the Samoan Joe’s voice also made the Juggernaut even more badass now.