Here’s a 2016 Recap for League of Legends

The Summoners Rift looks very festive as we will see for the new year.

It’s fair to say that 2016 had a lot of drama and moments which unfortunately will soon end with the end of 2016. However for Riot itself, 2016 is a reflection of its previous years and is the 10th anniversary of League of Legends.

For Riot, this year is a year filled with a journey full of trials but the League of Legends community proves that trials are not an excuse to reduce the popularity of this game that we love so much.

New Champ
This year we saw several new heroes like Jhin, Aurelion Sol, Taliyah, Kled, Ivern, Camile joining the Summoners Rift. Not only that, Riot also has teaser about a champion named Ao Shin in the Spirit Guard Udyr comic in 2013.

Aurelion Sol, one of the new Champions in 2016

Champion Update
Several old League Of Legends champions have received some significant updates / balancing this year.

2016 Mid Season Invitational
This year’s mid season invitational was held in Shanghai and is competitive scene more ambitious than in previous years. At the main event we saw the Korean champion team SK Telecom T1 competing against Counter Logic Gaming from America. SKT beat CLG by a landslide score of 3-0. Even though CLG lost, they proved that they were the only team from NA who fought from the start to the final.

Mid Season Magic
At the end of the mid season, Riot issued updates for several mage heroes such as Swain, Malzahar, and Vladimir.

Elemental Dragon
The mid-season magic update does not stop here because there are quite interesting updates, namely Elemental Dragon and several ecosystem updates such as special plants to help mid heroes or support for roaming ganks, but in particular this buff is implemented for junglers.

Doom Bots of Doom
On Halloween 2016 yesterday, Riot issued a special update, namely Bot mode “Doom”, the bot with the highest difficulty level.

The 2016 Championship
For 2 times in a row, SK Telecom T1 proved their tenacity and solidarity to win 3-2 over Korean team, Samsung Galaxy.

Back to back 2016 Worlds winner, SKT Telecom T1