Here’s the PUBG Invitational Winner List at Gamescom Yesterday!

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or more, you know as PUBG, it is indeed a period of hype. Not only because it is busy being played, but the number of organizations and pro players who also play this game is quite serious and to follow the competition.

Blue Moon and ESL teamed up to present the first official LAN tournament for PUBG and the result was no joke. The event was called the PUBG Invitational which was held on August 23 ~ 26 at the Gamescom 2017. With a total of up to 80 players, ranging from famous streamers and even pro players CS: GO and Dota 2 also participated. The following is a list of winners from the event which lasted for 4 days.

Solo TPP (Third Person)

  • Gold – EVERMORE
  • Silver – TSM_Break
  • Bronze – Liquid.Haze

The TPP duo (Third Person)

  • Gold – Yukiie, Thz
  • Silver – C9_Sweaterr, C9_Borg
  • Bronze – wtcNN, Mithrain

Duo FPS (First Person)

  • Gold – C9_Chappie, C9_SOLIDFPS
  • Silver – Avnqr, PONYRIDEREn
  • Bronze – Forsen, Andypro

TPP Squad (Third Person)

  • Gold – Luminosity Gaming (LG_Ninja, LG_JP2, LG_DrasseL, LG_chipzy)

  • Silver – Tier 3 Gaming (Cake, Onuqtive, MuMiNo, ALFPLAYS)

  • Bronze – Team Noble (NBL_Boom, NBL_edakulous, NBL_Interrogate, NBL_DaZFPS)
* Sorry for the list, especially the names of the squad winners, not in order.

The winners get Pan as a unique symbol or icon from PUBG itself, for those who play, they will really understand the effect of this Pan. Hopefully there will be another PUBG professional tournament in the near future.