Here’s the Tricks to Fly the Gibraltar Dome Shield with Crypto Assistance

Apex Legends players have found a new way to use Gibraltar’s shield, all thanks to the legend that has just been released in this game, namely Crypto ..

The Dome Shield Gibraltar can be a savior for him and his teammates in tight spaces, providing protection from incoming fire and also giving you the opportunity to recover.

This ability also received a good buff in the patch released last October 1, allowing players inside the shield to use healing items 25% faster.

A player as well as a Reddit user, has now discovered that the Gibraltar dome can be brought into the air with a little help from Crypto and its drones.

Crypto Drone
Images: Respawn Entertainment

In a video uploaded by a Reddit user with the username MacheteMolotov. Gibraltar places its dome shield on the Crypto drone, which allows it to fly with the Crypto drone. Just come straight here.

The success of this experiment made other players panic, but can this trick be used practically in the competitive realm?

The “Dome Drone” can be used as a distraction when entering team battles, and paired with the legendary EMP, it can benefit the team using it.

Crypto Drone 1
Images: Respawn Entertainment

This drone from Crypto’s latest legend not only allows the Gibraltar dome to fly, it can also be used for reconnaissance and much more.

Players already know that this Crypto ability can be used to pick up banners, open doors, and even open boxes, besides being used for surveillance.