Here’s Why Pakistan Will Ban PUBG Soon!

Here’s Why Pakistan Will Ban PUBG Soon! One of the best battle royale games in Indonesia, PUBG, has again received bad news about their game. Now their game is rumored to be banned soon by the Pakistani government for several reasons.

PUBG itself is currently the most popular battle royale game in almost all parts of the world, but behind its popularity there are some parties who don’t like the presence of this game. For example, in Indonesia itself, where one of the big cities in Indonesia banned the presence of this game and even labeled this game a “haram game”.

In addition, there are still many cases that say this game is an illegitimate game and is not recommended to be played by many people. And the latest is the country of Pakistan some time ago it was reported that this PUBG game would soon be banned from their country.

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source: Esports Talk

However, it is different from other cases, according to Local authorities have received many complaints saying that the PUBG / PUBG Mobile game is just “a waste of time”. So that it has an impact on both physical and psychological negative effects on the health of children in Pakistan. Officially a report from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority was also shared via its official Twitter account.

The ban applies to all types of PUBG games. Starting from PUBG Steam, PUBG Lite, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. All games above are no longer accessible in that country.

Then for when the inauguration of PUBG is banned in that country, it will still go through the Lahore High Court which will hold a hearing on 9 July 2020. The court also asked the local telecommunications authorities to examine the complaint and decide on the matter and meanwhile Tencent as the PUBG Mobile game developer has not provided any comment.

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