Hero ML Is Often Banned In Season 15 of Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has a lot of players, so this game has been one of the best games in 2017 – 2018. The Mobile Legends game has lots of features from heroes, emblems and others to help you play in these matches. This time there is a ML Hero Often Banned in Season 15 of Mobile Legends

When you play in a match, before that you will definitely be asked to choose one of the ML Hero that matches your game. When playing in Classic Mode it is normal – normal, but if you are in Ranked Mode, the difference will be very pronounced.

In this ranked mode, you will bet the name Rank Rank. Of course this will also put your MMR Hero name on the line, because if you lose, of course your Rank and MMR will go down. But if you win, then those two things will add up.

Now for those of you who are still in Rank Warrior to Grandmaster, surely you have never experienced the Draft Pick system. If you have reached the Epic to Mythic rank, then this system will of course be familiar.

Because you have to ban heroes and each team can only choose one hero. For example Team 1 chooses Lancelot, then the enemy team will not be able to use Lancelot. This Hero’s banned system will make the hero unable to play, usually the Hero Meta will be banned.

Now on this occasion we will provide some information on heroes who are often banned in the Epic to Mythic ranks.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Hero ML Is Often Banned In Season 15 of Mobile Legends

  1. Wanwan

The advantages of Hero ML Wanwan Mobile Legends 2020

This hero is a Marksman with a very agile ability, making him one of the ML heroes often banned in Season 15 of Mobile Legends. Wanwan has a lot of damage, so this is one of the reasons why she is often banned.

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Besides that, the Ultimate Skill from Hero Mobile legends Often Bans Wanwan if it is successfully removed it will be dangerous. If he manages to kill the target, then he will attack other enemies.

  1. Hero Mobile legends Often Banned Ling

Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends

This assassin with high agility is also a subscriber to get banned in Rank, currently Ling is still not hit by Nerf so he is often banned. But if you’ve been hit by nerf, then chances are you won’t be banned again on mobile legends.

Ling can indeed climb Walls, and deals huge Burst Damage. Besides that, the Ultimate from this hero can make his enemy hit by Knockup and he will be immune from several attacks.

  1. Bruno

Hero Mobile legends Are Often Banned

Damage from Hero Mobile legends is Often Banned after getting the Revamp to be very large, his 1st Skill will immediately give enormous Critical Damage. Hero Hero ML is Often Banned In Season 15, Mobile Legends is able to finish off tanks quickly, almost the same as Carry.

This is the reason why Bruno’s hero got banned from his subscription. If Bruno is released from being banned, then you must be ready to overcome Bruno’s cruelty in the Match.

So, those are some ML Heroes Often Banned In Season 15 Mobile Legends, rank Epic to Mythic. Is one of your favorite heroes included in this banned list?

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