[Hero Review + Complete Guide] Belerick Mobile Legends: Sacred Tree

How to Play Belerick Effectively?

Unlike Assassins who need regular combos, a Belerick might be more flexible about combos. However, one thing that must be done by a tanker is that you must go first.

Even though it’s quite difficult because it’s easy to avoid your opponent, try your AoE skill 1 regarding thin heroes, such as Assassin, Mage, or MM to ensure passive skills are thrown at those heroes.

For the second skill, there is really no need to rush to use this skill. Remember, you are not a damage dealer. Wait until there are slippery heroes (Fanny, Harley, Saber) and not the Tanker close to you, then use their second skill to lock their movements.

As for the ultimate skill, ideally, use this skill when your HP or friends are around below 60%, when the team fight has taken place, or when the enemy is running at its ultimate (for example Odette’s skill).

Don’t initiate with the ultimate skill because smart enemies will definitely wait until your ultimate skill runs out.

My analysis of Belerick?

From several explanations of his skills and as I have written earlier, this hero does look like an OP, but he is quite balanced. Passive skills and skills both indeed allow him to do great damage without item damage.

However, piling up as much HP as possible is also not easy because you need HP items. This means that Belerick’s damage will only be really big in the late-game.

He may also be more suitable to be combined with heroes who can stab into the opponent’s back line. For example, like Claude with his ult. Martis is also quite well combined with Belerick because Martis can mess up the opponent’s formation more calmly thanks to Belerick’s ulti.

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Oh yes, Belerick’s ultimate skill will make Belerick die very quickly if many friends gather around him and Belerick doesn’t wear armor or resistance items (depending on the opponent’s hero damage).

Belerick also doesn’t have AoE CC which might make it difficult for him to disrupt the opponent’s formation.

Even so, in my opinion, the advantage is that it is quite easy to learn compared to other tankers, at least compared to Grock, Johnson, or the Minotaur.

Unfortunately, when compared to other tankers, Belerick is less seductive. Jawhead, Grock, Akai, or Lolita are clearly more useful as tankers in the current META.

However, it is quite fun to use for fun.

That was my opinion and recommendation regarding Belerick Mobile Legends. What do you think of those who have tried it? Write it in the comments column!