Heroes of the Storm Community Raises Funds To Turn On Their Esports Realm!

The presence of the esports realm looks like an entertainment stage that is often in demand by each lover.

Obviously this brings joy and joy to see things that are of interest to produce an interesting spectacle.

Source: CGMagazine

But one of the MOBA games made by Blizzard, Heroes of the Storm must be a byword in the last few months.

How not, Blizzard Entertainment as the developer gave a surprising statement. They officially do not support funds for the development of the esports realm Heroes of the Storm.

This is allegedly the result of Blizzard’s esports management decision to expand the realm of esports Overwatch. This decision immediately brought a response from the community HotS.

Blizzard Officially Terminates Support for Esports Heroes of the Storm

Yup, recently on the community page Heroes of the Storm under the name Heroes Lounge a program occurs. With the initiation of the community, they formed their own esports league with the title Division S.

Division S itself is an event that brings the ranks of the top teams HotS from regional Europe and North America to compete with each other by format round robin.

heroesofthestorm community fundraising
Source: Heroes Lounge

The main prize that was targeted was surprisingly passed in the not too distant future. With a total prize pool of US $ 10,000 donated by the community, will be given to the competing teams.

These funds are collected through the Matcherino page which is intended to raise funds or crowd funding with various purposes.

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Then, in addition to fundraising, the community voiced hashtags #SaveHotS in his campaign. Indeed, with Blizzard’s decision some tournaments will stop taking place.

Source: Matcherino

Call it a tournament from HotS such as Heroes Global Championship (HGC) and Heroes of the Dorms. Apart from the community, para caster also ready to accompany the game voluntarily.

Of course this Division S title would not have been possible without the help and sincere support of the community HotS.

Casters ready to enliven Division S. Source: Heroes Lounge

Broadly speaking, Blizzard Entertainment is still developing games HotS, but without any developments in the realm of esports. This response was also used to make Blizzard aware of the feelings of the community HotS.

Maybe for those of you who want to contribute to the community HotS still open as long as the announcement of the closure has not yet been announced Yes, at least your names are displayed on the Matcherino page. wow.