Hiatus Dota, Ana Secretly Reaches the Highest Rank in VALORANT!

After a long hiatus from the competitive world of Dota 2, apparently ana tried VALORANT in his spare time. One thing that was a surprise was rank because the player was able to reach the Radiant position or the equivalent of Immortal in Dota 2.

Yep, the highest rank in VALORANT was successfully obtained by Anathan Pham after being unheard of for a very long time. This player is indeed famous for his prowess in playing online gameThis is especially true for the action as Io’s carry and Specter’s iconic game in the final of The International.

This news was first heard through the Twitter account @ anadota99, which gave its first tweet on the rank that was successfully obtained.

At a glance, VALORANT, there are several ranks that players can get. Starting from Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and Radiant.

Sure enough, Radiant was one of the ranks that were successfully secured by ana! A very extraordinary result considering that Radiant could now not be taken by just anyone because it was limited in number.

Source: Riot Games

Similar to Immortal which has a limit of 100 in each region. Ana, who gave the news via Twitter, suddenly surprised many people, especially with her position as Radiant 397 with a Rank Rating of 80.

If calculated by the total VALORANT players, only about 0.3% are able to touch Radiant and I am one of the professional VALORANT players.

Source: OG Esports

Ana herself hasn’t thought about her future in OG Esports or Dota 2. The player admits that she still wants to feel the freedom to play any game. Moreover, The International this year must be postponed, even so I have already pocketed a lot of money with a total of 6 million USD through the title of The International champion.

However, apparently not the only one who won Radiant because there is a live streamer who also got the same result, namely Tyler “Ninja“Blevins. This moment further proves that the greatness of a player can indeed come from talent other than hard work.

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If you go too far, will you enter the competitive realm of VALORANT? Or will you come back with OG Esports in the International 10 tournament which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2021?

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