High School Esports League Now Available Through High School League 2018!

It is undeniable that esports is growing rapidly from year to year. The existence of an esports branch at the 2018 Asian Games which has just been held has certainly opened the eyes of many people to the potential of esports.


But don’t forget that education must still be prioritized to become an esports athlete who is ready to make Indonesia proud in the international arena. For this reason, the 2018 High School League is a tournament that is devoted to high school / vocational / equivalent students throughout Indonesia.

For the competition will present Dota 2 as the main game competition. HSL 2018 will use a league system which is held every Saturday and Sunday for one semester or six months.

Not only Dota 2, HSL 2018 also held a competition Mobile Legends. But different from Dota 2, for Mobile Legends still exhibit.

In addition to having the status of high school / vocational / equivalent students, players who take HSL 2018 must also have good academic requirements. So that if the score does not meet the requirements then they cannot participate, especially for those who work just sleeping in class, wow.

The teams that will compete will start from the qualifications held in 8 cities in Indonesia at the Ge-Force-Certified iCafe which has good quality and is free from cigarette smoke.

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The cities that were held were Jakarta (Highground and Barracx), Solo (Poseidon), Bandung (Immortal), Bogor (Redbox), Medan (Noblenation, iCafe Medan), Makassar (GIX), Surabaya (Three Kingdoms iCafe), and Malang (Hardcore iCafe).

The prizes up for grabs are very interesting but educational in nature, namely scholarships, provision of an esports curriculum, subsidies for accompanying teachers for HSL 2018 and esports lab equipment with a total value of IDR 1.2 billion!

The atmosphere of the Surabaya HSL Roadshow. Source: Muhammad Arief Suvi

After holding roadshow in Jakarta and Bandung, this time HSL 2018 greeted the city of Surabaya which was held on September 21 at Hotel Santika Premiere Gubeng, Surabaya.

Not only from the students who attended but also SMA / SMK teachers in Surabaya and its surroundings who also participated roadshow HSL 2018.

President of HSL 2018, Stevanus said the main goal of organizing an esports league among high school students in Indonesia is to create new seeds for the world of Indonesian esports in the future from national education.


Interesting thing moment roadshow also came from Jennie Kisdharjanti who is also a psychology expert, saying that esports is different from playing games which generally have no target.

“Esports is a sport that offers new opportunities for generations who are very close to using digital technology to develop their values ​​and talents.

In addition, there are positive things contained in esports such as developing strategies, increasing creativity, building disciplinary values, and a healthy lifestyle thanks to the characteristics and values ​​of Olympism contained in esports, “he said.

Source: Muhammad Arief Suvi

The speakers who attended also came from various fields. Apart from psychologists, there is Fredy Lo from Lenovo Indonesia, Dedy Irvan who is also a technology observer, and of course the project director of HSL 2018, Gisma Priayudha Assyidiq or familiarly called Melon (or the catfish farmer, wow).

Registration is open until 12 October 2018. For complete information, you can check at website or you can follow the social media directly to find out the latest info from HSL 2018.

Facebook: Highschool League
Instagram: hsl.id

So, are you ready to bring the name of the school to HSL 2018? Become a new breed in esports and make Indonesia proud on the world stage!

Edited by Yubian A. Huda