Hime Officially Parted with EVOS Esports

Kimberly Khoe or what we usually know as Hime, yesterday just parted ways with one of Indonesia’s big teams, EVOS Esports.

This is quite surprising because previously there were no rumors about Hime’s future in EVOS. There is no sign that they will part. But unfortunately, this decision seems to have become a joint decision.

As stated on the EVOS fan page, they announced this without including a detailed reason.

Hime himself has indeed in the last few months been quite helpful in the smooth running of the events conducted by EVOS. And Hime is very influential in it.

For Hime himself, the separation from EVOS also seems so sad. He posted a photo on his Facebook account.

It is unclear whether the future of Hime itself will return to being a brand ambassador for an esports team or not. But what is clear is that EVOS is the second “former” after RevivaL Esports.